More support that works for my feet

If you’ve been following me / my blog, you’ll know that in April / May after I did the London marathon, and in October / November after I did the Loch Ness marathon I’ve struggled with sore feet. 😦

The arches of my feet in particular – they were sore not so much when I ran, but when I wasn’t running. So much so I took a real break from running in October to December last year to see if it would help. Plantar fasciitis probably (but self diagnosed, and self treatment – rest, ice, massage etc).

It could be from all the running, or it could be my increased use of non supportive boots / work I wear most days for work.

They do feel a bit better after the rest, but they were still a bit sore in December, so, I went out on a limb, and ordered these:

SevenMye Foot Pain Relief Plantar Fasciitis Insole Arch Support

£1.38 (from China I think) … and they work!

I wear them with my work boots / shoes, under my socks and they provide me with the support I need. I’ve been wearing them for about a fortnight (not when I run though, as my trainers are supportive), and my feet feel good. 🙂

They might not look good… but they feel good. Lol. Sorted!

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