Wk1 into Wk2

This first week of January, being off work, I spent time with my Dad, and Fit Girl. I visited my Dad and did a run when I was up there, opting to take a rest day on Thursday, the day I travelled back.

The run up there felt hard, but that was probably due to the wind and cold. I’m sure running will get easier the more I do it.

I also settled into training consistently – being active, getting back into running, and I got my training plan together – aiming to get my running back on track ahead of the Loch Katrine 10k I’ve entered on 19 March. I’m looking for other events to enter too. 🙂

This week I also focused on being careful with what I ate. – Less ‘greedy eat everything I see because I’ve burned the calories’ (i.e. probably overeating), more ‘eat to fuel my activity, and be careful not to overeat’.

I’m nearly finished reading ‘Training Food’ by Renee McGregor and it’s given me even more understanding and motivation to figure what works to eat to fuel my training, and support my goals.

What I have learned is that I probably need to eat MORE than I usually do and use carbs to fuel my activity. And be more careful about when I eat too – eating more before and after intense sessions.

Anyway, here’s what I did activity wise last week:

Mon: Rest
Tue: 40 min easy run
Wed: 42 min steady run
Thu: Rest
Fri: 5k run, Compound strength
Sat: 32 min spin, 34 min strength
Sun: 8.2M long run, avg HR 140 (82 mins)

I got my new Garmin 735xt which is working well. It has a new function called Intensity minutes. Where it recommend we all get 150 mins intensity minutes a week. I got 550 this week lol, so I’m well ahead of standard recommendations. It’s a good running watch and I’m really liking it.

Going forward, I’m going to vary my runs more, taking easy and long runs slower or easier (<140HR) and I’ll do some steady and interval running, along with a testing spin session a week. I’ll also get strength training done and out of the way on a Monday morning and towards the end of the week.

I got REALLY good sleep when I was off work – on average 9 hours a night. 😀 And I feel good on it. I did stay up later than normal, and got up when I was ready, rather than set an alarm. I’ll start a new bedtime routine, for an early bedtime, then up just before 6am to start my day. Brrrrrrrr!! Wish me luck with that!

Early nights and food prep will happen, and I’ll hopefully be able to stick to my training too. I’ll keep my goals and reasons for my goals at the forefront of my mind, and just get on with it – fingers crossed. 🙂

One other thing to note is that I’ve had a recent influx of running coaching enquiries. I have around 4 current individual clients who I’m really looking forward to working with, and maybe another next week.

I’ll need to be careful and maybe close my books though, as there’s only so much I can do. But some of the coaching I’ll be doing includes: Training plans, accountability, 1-1 coaching sessions, marathon and half marathon training, motivation, life changing hopefully.

Back to my own training – here’s my plan for next week:

Mon: 15 min spin & Deadlift Strength
Tue: 45 min easy run
Wed: 10, 3:1.5min x 5, 5 = 37 min intervals
Thu: Rest (or 45 min easy run instead of on Friday).
Fri: Squat strength, 45 min easy run
Sat: 30 min spin, 30 min strength
Sun: 90 min long run, 140HR

And lastly, the outcome of my activity + focus on eating right and not overeating = this: Last week This week
Weight 137.8lbs 135.8lbs -2lbs
Body fat 15.8% 14% -1.8%
BF lbs 21.8lbs 19lbs -2.8lbs
LBM lbs 115.9lbs 116.7lbs +0.8lbs

So a loss of 2lbs in weight, loss of 2.8lbs body fat and an increase of lean body mass of 0.8lbs. 🙂

The main thing I’ve been doing, quite simply is tracking the food I eat, and being careful to have a calorie deficit between:

1 – what I need (basal metabolic rate) + my activity (calories burned), 2 – and what I eat.
(As well as trying to eat healthy in the most part / choosing good options, but occasional eating what I want, if under daily calories).

I tracked it for reference on my fitness pal, and it shows that I probably need to eat a higher % of carbs. (I find this good to see what’s what, but I won’t do it every week as I find I get a good idea from just doing it for a week or so).

This last week was really good, now let’s see if I can keep on top of everything when I mix work in with it all, and my ‘who knows how many emails in my work inbox’ tomorrow morning! – maybe I’ll find that I’m allergic to work!? ;-). I hope not as it needs to pay for all of my gadgets etc. 😉

(Here’s a nice sunrise from Stonehaven the other morning). 🙂

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