My 2016 & 2017 Goals

In 2016, I split my goals into 4 areas and had about 4 mini goals for each area. I did pretty well with them and am now thinking about what I’ll focus on in 2017.

Here’s what I did in 2016:

Tick – London Marathon – 3:35
Tick – Loch Ness Marathon – 3:43
Almost – Strength once a week on avg – 49 times (so nearly there)
Tick – 1-2 more events – Women’s 10k pacing, Skye Half Marathon, OutRun.

Tick – Front Garden
Tick – Help set up Happy Paws Glasgow
Tick – comfy area to sit / read
To be cont. – Sort my Granny’s special belongings

Tick – Visit people, friends / family
Tick, could do more – Fun, kite flying, beach, walks
Tick – my aunts headstone
Tick – Mums estate, nearly there
Tick – be well, get well

– split into 4 areas to focus on.

One thing that I have noticed is that towards the end of the year, after training for 3 marathons in 18 months, my feet have been sore. My left leg hasn’t been the best, and I’ve had what appears to be plantar fasciitis.

So much to say, they’re injured from all the training I was doing. So I took a big break from running in October to December, and focused more on regular exercise, spin and strength work. Hopefully the rest from running has helped.

My feet and legs feet feel better, and I’m missing running. I’m missing being a runner. I took a break from running because it was Winter and because it was what I knew I should to to recover, and be well. But I think I’m ready to be a runner again. 🙂

Aside from training, I set myself a goal of saving 20% of my salary, and through the year I put £1 coins into my elephant money box my brother gave me. That little habit has helped me to collect £135.30 (not sure where the 3x10ps came from!) as a wee January treat.

I’m going to sell my Garmin 920xt and my Garmin Vivoactive, and then I’ll put about 30 of the £1 coins towards a new Garmin 735xt with hrm strap for 2017. It’s always good to upgrade (and why it’s good to keep the original box etc). 🙂

Now in 2017, I want to focus on being a runner again. Run consistently, 3-5 times a week. I’ve created myself a training plan which will see me run on tue, wed, sat, sun, with strength training on Mondays and Fridays. Maybe swapping Saturday with Friday if I fancy it. Rest day on Thursday if I need it. 

Not only that, I want to be an athlete. The athlete my colleague described me as, and I kind of embarrassingly almost denied it. She saw me as an athlete, but I didn’t. Why not think of myself as an athlete? Better that, than thinking of myself as something else. I want to believe that I’m a runner, an athlete. Train and recover like an athlete, so that I avoid injury and eat well like an athlete. 

Create a new identity for myself, one to really believe in and live by – as a runner and in the long term, an athlete – I’ll remember that my body deserves the best fuel to perform to the best of my ability. It deserves rest, and massages, and plenty sleep to recover. It deserves to be looked after.

I want to get to my racing weight again, so running becomes easy, so that I become the fittest I’ve ever been. So that I can run up the stairs and not be out of breath. Improve my vo2 max from where it is now at 49, to 55 or higher.

I’m going to take a break from running marathons and focus more on shorter distances, mainly 10ks and perhaps a half marathon later on the year. Being consistent, and build my body back up to peak. Eat well to fuel my training and recovery.

Learn how to fuel my body right, so that I have energy, so that I recover well and so that I get back to my training and racing weight. Get my waist to height ratio under 50%.

So there are my plans / goals for 2017:

Health & Fitness
1. Learn how to fuel and recover well with food / nutrition to support my training.
2. Get to my racing weight, 135lbs / 13% bf then 126lbs / 11% bf.
3. Get my waist to height ratio to 45% (from 50% in Jan 2017).
4. Run consistently, 3-5 times a week with a plan, improve vo2 max from 49 to 55.
5. Strength at least once a week, twice if possible.
6. Rest, recover, sleep well – get a good morning & evening routine.

Fun & Other
1. Fly my kite more often.
2. Go see the stars more often. 
3. Visit people throughout 2017.
4. Deliver my ‘Rainbow Thanks’ to 8 people.
5. Read daily to learn.
6. Spend good times with the other half.

Work goals will continue from last year, and I’ll continue to save money, and put £1 coins into my elephant, see what that turns into in 2017. 🙂 £££

I’ll write another post about how to set yourself goals, but in the meantime, happy new year to you, I hope 2017 is good to you.

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