Books in 2016/17

I’ve been making a bit more time each day to read, and read a few books whilst on holiday too.

In 2017 I already have some books I’ve bought which I plan to read, and I’ll dip back into a few of my books I’ve already read, to remind myself of the good points.

I read, started to read or dipped back into the following books in 2016.

The ones that stick out for me are the ones in the middle row, especially:

Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

How to be f*cking Awesome by Dan Meredith

The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

A couple I started and couldn’t really get into them, the Willpower Instinct in particular, but the three above are well worth the read.

Miracle Morning has helped me get back a good morning routine, flexible to suit me, and motivational and simple enough to get my training back on track. It works!

Put simply for me it’s:
5:55am alarm,
get dressed in gym gear, brush teeth etc
5 mins wake up,
10 mins read,
10 mins write,
30-60 mins exercise,
start my day. 🙂

It also helped me to make more time for reading – just 10 minutes a day adds up. I’m going to listen to audio books on my walks to and from work in 2017.

My Action Diary for 2016 is nearly full, so I have my pink one for 2017 to start, see here:

In 2016 I also got an audiobook, Diet Cults by Matt Fitzgerald, which I listened to in March on holiday.

I’ve got lots of books by Matt Fitzgerald, and I might have bought another the other day…here’s the ones I already have:

– Racing Weight
– The New Rules of Marathon & Half Marathon Nutrition
– Racing Weight Cookbook
– 80/20 Running

And one book that isn’t up there is ‘Reasons to Stay Alive’, a sobering best seller by Matt Haig, which I’ve lent to someone as it was good and I think has the potential to help.

Next year, I’m going to finish off ‘You are a Badass’, then make a start on these books.

I got Joe Wicks Lean in 15 from Secret Santa. It’s got some good tips and recipes which I’ll try. And I got Jo Pavey’s book and ‘The Examined Life’ by Stephen Grosz for my Christmas, so I’m looking forward to reading them.

I want to nail my fuelling this year, so I’ve bought myself ‘Training Food’ by Renee McGregor, and I also got ‘The Endurance Diet’, another book by Matt Fitzgerald.

And ‘The One Thing’ and ‘The First 20 Hours’ should be good reads too hopefully.

I was lucky to get some ITunes credit for my Christmas too, so I’ll probably treat myself to a few audiobooks soon too.

I’d better get reading!

What books have you enjoyed in 2016, and what ones are you planning on reading in 2017?

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