Wk50 until the end of the year

Last weekend I had finished all of my Christmas shopping which was a bit of a relief. The presents I needed to post were posted, and I just needed to write and send my cards which I post… that’s done too now.

Last week was a little less active that I’d hoped, but I still did 2 gym workouts, and if I run today, it’ll be 2 runs. Here’s what I did last week:

Mon: 5.1M run
Tue: Rest
Wed: 15 min Spin + Deadlift Strength
Thu: Rest (work night out)
Fri: Rest
Sat: 30 min spin + Deadlift Hypo Strength
Sun: 6M run

I’m mixing up my strength workout into the hypertrophy stage now, a mixture of various rep variations, 4×6, 2×20, 3×12. Changing it up really makes you work. Here’s the workout sheets:

I did the one above on Saturday, and will do the one below on Monday.

Now the plan for the next fortnight is as follows. I’m in work until Friday 23rd, then plan to have a nice Christmas and 2 weeks of work – yahoo!

Mon 19: 15 min spin + Squat Hypo Strength
Tue 20: 5M run
Wed: 21 Rest + massage
Thu 22: 15 min spin + Deadlift Hypo Strength
Fri 23: 5k run
Sat 24: 30 min spin (or run)
Sun 25: Rest (Christmas Day)

(Here’s the gym opening hours, but I have a good set up at home so can do some of it at home):

Mon 26: Squat Hypo Strength at home
Tue 27: 5M run
Wed 28: 15 min spin + Deadlift Hypo Strength
Thu 29: 4.3M run
Fri 30: 30 min spin + Squat Hypo Strength
Sat 31: Rest
Sun 1: 10k run

I’ve decided I’m going to sell my Garmin 920xt if anyone will buy it.

I initially bought it in March 2016 for its advanced features and long battery life, but I hardly use everything it’s got. I’m looking for around £265 for it, so contact me if you’re interested. I have the original box etc. I also have a premium HRM which could be sold with it for £30.

Email me at: Lorn@lornpearsontrains.co.uk

It’s a great watch especially for long distances, or swimming / biking / running / triathlon.

Another thing I’m doing just now is a ‘Rainbow Thanks’. (Ps: I saw this rainbow on Tuesday as I walked to work, and I smiled wide).

If the last year did anything for me, it helped me to realise how lucky I am to have had some very influential and supportive people in my life, many of them since childhood when I maybe needed them most.

Mainly not family, these friends and friends of the family have become my support network and without them who knows where I’d be. I’ve reached out to them and they’ve been there.

They’ve helped me to understand and to grow, become independent and me. They’ve helped me to deal with anything life has thrown at me, and they’ve also helped me become the person I am today.

When I didn’t have what I needed growing up these people were there for me. And now they’re always there for me, every time I need them. I’m very lucky.

They’ve all made a great impact in my life. I wanted to thank them with something special, and I came across this… a lovely handmade glass Rainbow Bridge, made by Kelly at www.rainbowluxglass.co.uk – my order is in.

So my Rainbow Thanks is a work in progress and will be delivered by hand by me hopefully in 2017. 🙂

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