Wk49 into Wk50

I felt a bit like life was taking over last week – I still managed 3 runs in the week, but with sore legs from my Squat workout on Sunday, I kind of avoided the gym / strength training in favour of rest until they felt better.

Here’s what I did:

Mon: 4.1M run wi FG
Tue: 4.6M run wi Twinnie
Wed: Rest
Thu: Rest (around 5 miles walking)
Fri: 4.2M lunchtime run
Sat: 30 min spin + Compound Strength
Sun: Rest

I’ll be honest (with myself and you) and say that my left leg isn’t quite right. My hamstring is sore, and my heel is sore too. I’m not sure if the heel thing is from walking 5 miles on Thursday (in my work boots, which don’t have much of a heel by the way), or if it’s the tail end of plantar faciitus.

I’ll spare you the picture, but my heel was really sore on Thursday into Friday. Maybe bruised, who knows. It feels ok now after some rest. My hamstring I’ll just keep an eye on.

So last week was 3 runs, 1 strength session And 3 rest days. I was due to meet ‘Speedy’ on Tuesday to coach her in her second coaching session, but she called off sick – it’s that time of year. I wrapped Christmas presents instead. 🙂 I’ll catch up with her this week see how she is.

30 min spin on Saturday was good, as was the strength work that day too.

This week I’m planning:

Mon: 15 min spin + Deadlift strength
Tue: 30 min spin + Metabolic Strength
Wed: Run
Thu: Run
Fri: 15 min spin + Squat Strength
Sat: 30 min spin + Metabolic Strength
Sun: Long Run

I need to get in the gym more this week. And on Wednesday I’m meeting another potential person I hope to coach in running. Before out work Christmas lunch on Thursday.

Let’s see if I can stick to the plan this week!?

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