Wk48 into Wk49

Let’s see if this works… last week there’s was an issue with putting pets up but hopefully it’s ok now.

Last week ticked along nicely training wise, 3 runs and 2 strength sessions just about squeezed in to my week. 2 rest days Friday Saturday.

Last weekend was a bit of getting ready for Christmas, a day in town on Saturday which was nice (+10,000 plus).

On Wednesday I started training a new client who wants to run 5k faster (and stay injury free). I’m calling her Speedy because she is – 22 min 5k at the moment.

Wednesdays session was to get to know her a bit, see how she runs and to try out perceived effort running (1-5) with her. Speedy seemed to enjoy it and I’m coaching her again on Tuesday this week.

Speedy is 51 and her avg heart rate for a challenging run we did was very good. Avg 132, max 183 (she left me for dust in the second acceleration around 25 mins in). Whereas my avg HR was 149 and I wasn’t pushing myself / pulled back when it went up to 177. 😳

The only thing is, she isn’t into gadgets, so whilst I put my hrm / another garmin on her wrist for this run, I’m not sure she’ll use HR running as she doesn’t like gadgets, so we’ll find another way to make it work.

Here’s what I did last week anyway:

Mon: 15 min spin + Deadlift Strength
Tue: 5.8M run wi Twinnie
Wed: Run coaching (3.5M)
Thu: 4.6M run
Fri: Rest
Sat: Rest
Sun: Squat Strength

I increased my weights on the squat strength and Deadlift strength and I’m feeling good with it. I was a bit sore after Sunday’s session (and still am on Tuesday), but I did squat 36/41/46kg. I also shoulder pressed 24kg which is up on previous lifts.

I was busy at work but it all just feels very rewarding, so the busy-ness is good. I have a work night out each week in December for the next 3 weeks now, 2 good people leaving and Christmas lunch out with colleagues. So my training will be around them.

Here’s what I’m planning this week:

Mon: 4.3M run
Tue: 5M run wi Twinnie + PM Coaching
Wed: 15 min spin + Deadlift Strength 41/46/51kg
Thu: Rest (Edinburgh)
Fri: 5k run (or sq strength if feeling good)
Sat: 15 min spin + Squat Strength 41/46/51kg
Sun: 8M run

The run on Monday was about -3’C, and I must admit I’m not liking this cold weather. Brrrrr. But I guess I’ll just need to wrap up and stick with it. Roll on this week.

My strength training is coming along nicely, I’ve done between 2-3 strength sessions a week and I’m building the weight I lift as I go. 

Now here’s the plan for the next few weeks in the lead up to the festive period:

Mon Wed Sat (or Fri) generally strength training.  

Tue Thu Sun (or Fri) generally running. (This week is a little different from above already). 

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