Wk47 into Wk48

Last week was good, my training kept ticking along and I met a new client I’m going to coach from Wednesday. Nice sunsets and sunrises were pretty. 

She wants to run a 5k faster so I’ll be helping her first of all hopefully get to know her running a bit better, then some speedwork, time trials and perceived effort running. She has a garmin but isnt into gadgets so I’ll need to think how to help her best (without heart rate). 

This last week I ran 3 times, did 2 strength sessions and had 2 rest days. I ran with my work Twinnie on Tuesday first thing, then on my own at lunchtime on Friday (it was going to be 5k, but turned into 5 miles), and today around 70 minutes with Auley the dog. 🙂

Last Sunday I ran with Auley as the sun went down, along the Clyde mostly. Today I took him to Pollok Park, mostly through back roads or on a cycle track to keep him away from roads / cars. He was good overall, and has good recall usually, except when he wants to say hello to other dogs. 

He’s good on the lead and heels well, especially on the second half of the run when he’s burned off some of his energy. 

I also did Strength last week. My right hamstring was a bit sore earlier in the week (deadlifting) but it’s ok now. And I’ve progressed the weights to be around 36-46kg for deadlifts and squats. 

Here’s what I did:

Wk47 – 21-27 NovMon: 15 min spin + Deadlift Strength

Tue: 10k run 

Wed: Rest

Thu: Squat Strength 36-41kg

Fri: 5M run

Sat: Rest

Sun: 7.6M run

And here’s what I’m planning next week, up early for the gym on Monday morning- keeping the weights the same, or slightly increasing then:

Wk48 – 28 Nov – 4 Dec

Mon: 15 min spin + Deadlift Strength 36-46kg

Tue: 5M run

Wed: PM 4M running coaching (maybe KB strength in the morning). 

Thu: Squat Strength 36-41kg

Fri: 5k run

Sat: Rest

Sun: 7M run (with my brother)

Last thing was I got this nice message tonight, from James who kniws someone else who follows me. It seems my blog helped a penny drop with him and it’s helped him change his life for the better. All good. 🙂

Always keep going, you never know who is watching. 🙂 

ps: I caught this pic the other night when we were walking Auley – I love where we live / work. 

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