November weekly training

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done a weekly training post like this one. I knew what I was planning to do last week, but ended up taking a bit more rest than planned. All good. 

Go back to the start of November and I was keeping up my visits to the gym, and I did my first tryout run after 4 weeks not running. It all went fine, my feet seem fine. (My left hamstring is a bit sore from strength, hence the extra rest last week). 

I was away with work to Salford on the Wednesday and took a rest day that day, but kept my activity up the rest of the days. 

I was enjoying the mixture of strength and spin at the gym. Here’s what i did that week: 

Wk45 – 7-13 Nov

Mon: 15 min spin + Deadlift Strength

Tue: 15 min spin + 30 min scenic spin + 35 min walk

Wed: Rest (25 min walk) Salford

Thu: 25 min run + Squat Strength

Fri: Rest

Sat: 15 min spin + Compound Strength

Sun: 4.1M run

Look who I met in Salford. 😉

The next week was a Wednesday in Edinburgh with work. So another rest day, but I did loads of steps with my 5+ mile walk to and from the train station etc. 

I started reading this book too in the last few weeks, it’s quite funny, very straight to the point and makes sense (it is a bit blunt though, which I like):

Overall last week was a very easy week training wise, a few runs, and a squat strength session. I’ll run later today once it heats up a bit. See how I get on running for about an hour. 

Wk46 – 14-20 Nov

Mon: Rest

Tue: 5M run

Wed: Rest (5M walk)

Thu: 2M run + Squat Strength

Fri: Rest

Sat: Rest

Sun: 6M run

My sleep has been good, and I’ve been able to get up early again. Good there too. 

Next week I plan to get back into it with a good strength session on Monday morning. 

Monday, Wednesday, Saturdays (or Fridays) will be strength. 

Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday (or Fridays) will be running (or cardio / spin). 

Wk47 – 21-27 Nov

Mon: 15 min spin + Deadlift Strength

Tue: 5M run

Wed: 2M run + Squat Strength

Thu: 15 min spin + 30 min scenic spin

Fri: 5k run

Sat: 15 min spin + Full body strength

Sun: 7M run

Next weekend I’m going to start my Christmas shopping too I think. Eeeeek.  

I was meant to go to the gym yesterday, but I decided to take a rest day and ended up doing other productive life stuff instead. 

Oh and I had a Fillet steak at the Butchers Grill near Kelvingrove. It was melt in the mouth kinda meat. Yum. I think I’ll leave that there. 🙂

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