Wk43 into Wk44 and Wk45

Last week was a good rest week – a week off training, plenty of walking, fresh air and visiting people (and walking with them and their dogs)

After a few weeks of getting back into the gym (and realising I need to take a break from running), I’d settled into getting up early for spin and strength training, and I was feeling good.

This was the pic I entered for BBC your pictures and it got selected. 🙂

My feet are still a little sore, but not as bad as they have been, and I’m doing stretches and golf ball rubs each day to try and help them. The advice to get over plantar fasciitis is to do non weight bearing activity, and do regular stretching.

I was going to swim, but couldn’t get my head into committing to it (or even leaving the house at 630am to go far a swim!). So spin will replace running as my cardio, and strength training will include, body weight strength, kettlebells and weighted strength.

Last week however, was a lot of walking, nice scenery, nice weather and visiting good friends. It was so good, a week off work felt like two weeks off, which is great.

And I have blood on Saturday ahead of my test week too. All good.

Here’s what I did last week:

Mon: 2.8M walk up comic hill + 7.1M walk along Loch Lomond – 9.9M Tue: Lochaline – rest day
Wed: Travel to Inverness.
Thu: 1.9M dog walk, 4.5M beach walk where I saw a few rainbows Fri: 3 dog walks – 7.4M in total
Sat: 3.1M dog walk Daviot woods
Sun: 1.9M walk West End Glasgow

I had a good time off – plenty of nice memories captured. And around 30 miles walking.

On Tuesday we drove to Lochaline, to visit my granny’s and aunts graves now that my aunts headstone is in place. It was a lovely day, a much nicer day than almost 2 years ago to the day when the storms nearly stopped me attending her funeral.

Lochaline is so far away, but it’s where my grandparents settled for retirement, and now they rest in peace at the Kiel cemetery there. I’m sure I heard my granny turning in her grave when we found out the cost of the Corran ferry – £8.20 across and £8.20 back. Eek!

I went up to the cemetery and had some time, cleaned up the stones and left one of my mums nice Caithness glass paperweight at my grandparents grave. And I also left an elephant which had been in my house for a few years.

I was pleased to see that the small red one id left 2 years ago was still hidden in a secret place, and was now slightly grown over with moss. When we turned into Lochaline, just before my granny’s house, we saw this faint rainbow in the sky, which was nice.

A man was out on the roof of her house fixing it, so after I went to the cemetery I went for a chat with him. He was the new owner. They’ve totally gutted the inside, no walls, just a shell, and it was nice to see it being renovated into something others can use.

2 days later, exactly two years to the day of my aunts funeral, I was walking along Nairn beach with my friend and there were a few rainbows, one big and bright one in particular. Very pretty.

It was clearly that the sun was low and it was a bit rainy, but in my head it’s my Granny saying thanks. And I also know that I’ve made this all up (rainbows = Granny being there) to make me feel better, but it works for me, so why not? They do make me smile and remember that I said I’d make her proud. 

I was pleased to see my aunts headstone in place too, it ended up being something that hadn’t been sorted, so I sorted it within my family. Maybe the rainbow on the beach was their way of saying thanks for visiting and for sorting Sheila’s headstone out. 😉 who knows. 

The rest of the week was spent mostly in Inverness spending time with important people, all of which gave me a good bit of perspective. Friends who have become family are great. 

One thing I nailed last week was sleep. I was getting around 9 hours sleep on average, and was waking when I was ready, not to an alarm. I had a mega 11.5 hour sleep when the clocks went back, which was good, but my average for the week not including that was 9 hours. So I want to try to get 9 hours each night if I can.

The only way I can do it when I’m up for the gym so early is to go to bed really early so I must work on that.

Here’s what I’m doing this week:

Mon: 15 min spin drill & 30 min strength
Tue: 15 min spin, 30 min scenic spin, calf raises
Wed: 25 min bodyweight workout (hotel)
Thu: Rest
Fri: Rest
Sat: 15 min spin, squat strength
Sun: Rest

And next week will be similar. I’m away in Salford next week, Tues pm into Wednesday, so I won’t get much opportunity to train then, and I’m working Saturday the 12th, so I’ll need to take advantage of the other days.

Mon: 15 min spin drill & 30 min strength
Tue: 15 min spin, 30 min scenic spin, calf raises
Wed: Rest
Thu: KB spin, body weight strength
Fri: 15 min spin, 30 min scenic spin, calf
Sat: Rest
Sun: 15 min spin, squat strength

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