Wk43 into an adventure week

This last week went like this:

Mon: Rest
Tue: 15 min spin drill +25 min body weight strength
Wed: Rest
Thu: 15 min spin drill + 30 min KB Strength
Fri: 15 min spin drill + 30 min scenic spin
Sat: Rest / 6M walk (and gave blood)
Sun: Rest / 4M walk

My feet were sore for most of the week, especially my left, and I did some calf raises and stretches, and rolled my feet on a golf ball which seemed to help. No running, and today (Sunday) I noticed was the first day I feel no pain in them, which is good.

The spin I did was good, hard work, sweaty, but in little chunks (15 or 30 mins) so it was bearable, even enjoyable. The machines in the gym have a virtual instructor called Miles who is so motivational. I did 15 min drills each time I went, and on Friday I did a drill then a 30 minute scenic session that took me to Italy, the alps and America. It’s cool.

On Saturday I gave my 29th pint of blood, ahead of an easy holiday week where I’ll be walking, driving and visiting people and places.

Sunday was spent along the banks of Loch Lomond, at Balmaha where we’ll be here for a few more nights. Conic hill tomorrow, and plenty of good food and fun. I’ve really enjoyed getting back into the gym (no swim yet, I couldn’t face it!, but the gym is going well).

All of the different training (more strength & spin / less if no running) has led to a clear change in body composition / numbers for me:

4 Oct 22 Oct
135.6lbs/15.5% fat 138.3lbs/14.2% fat
21lbs body fat 19.6lbs body fat
81.1% muscle/110lbs 82.2%/113.7lbs
3.6% bone/4.9 3.7% bone/5.1

That’s a reduction in body fat of -1.4lbs, and an increase in lean body mass of +3.9lbs, in 3 weeks. My water % has gone up too.

I’m off work next week, so it will roll out like this for me:

Mon: Conic Hill / Balmaha
Tue: Lochaline / Fort William
Wed: Fort William to Inverness
Wed – Sat: Inverness

I’m going to where my Granny & Aunt lived (and rest now), so I’m looking forward to that. Lochaline is such a beautiful place.

I’m really looking forward to a wee break with Fit Girl and visiting close friends in Inverness too Hopefully the weather will be good. Fun times ahead.

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