29th pint given

I was telling my work Twinnie yesterday that I was giving blood this morning, and since she likes to go along with someone even she goes (so they can look after each other) she booked the same time to go along.

We’ll be giving a pint of A+ and a pint of O+ between us. Sone lucky souls will get our magic blood. 😉

I got here s bit earlier, and got taken a bit earlier, and gave my 29th Ping of blood. Twinnie was still waiting to get taken after I’d finished so I popped over to see her.

Sitting down, I then had s bit of a bleeder. Oops. (Just not enough pressure on it for long enough after to keep it closed – usually that doesn’t happen – honest). Now I’ve got this big bandage to show off. Lol.

I’ll hopefully be giving my 30th pint of blood around the new year (12 weeks between donations).

Have you ever given blood, or are you due to give blood? Why don’t you? You can sign up for an appointment at http://www.scotblood.co.uk

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