Wk42 – Out and refocus (not down)

So… I am out of running – sore feet and calves aren’t good and I need to take time out from running to get better. Including a rest day today and around 1-3 rest days a week. No running, swimming or spin instead, plus strength work and some walking.

I’ll refocus and not be down about it. When I see a runner, I won’t think… ‘boohooo….I can’t run’…, I’ll think, ‘I’m focusing on strength and swimming instead’.

Plantars facilitus, that’s what has resurfaced. It’s not nasty sore, but it’s not quite right. The truth is my calves aren’t right and my feet have plantar faciitus, so I need to stop running for a bit… 2-4 weeks probably. It’s not the end of the world…I just need to refocus: – Out, refocus, but not down.

I’ve written about dealing with injury before:


1. Reassess your goals

2. Look on the bright side

3. Listen to your body and recover before you start training again

4. Look at your training

5. Learn from your injuries

It’s all about being grateful for what you can do and deciding to focus on that for a bit. I remember the time when I was the fittest ever, and it was when I was swimming 3000m three times a week in Uni.

So I’m hopefully going to take up swimming again… it’ll be my ‘cardio’ along with some spin…and then I’ll do strength to hopefully change things up and help me get strong (bodyweight / kettlebells / weights). (including calf raises / toe stretches for feet).

This is probably my body telling me it needs a break from running, and I’ll give it that. Winter will be around the corner soon anyway.

How did I get here?

I took it easy with running over the last 3 weeks after the Loch Ness Marathon, I ran just every Sunday, and once I felt ok, I ran short distances last Thursday and Friday too… trying to ease myself back into it.

After the marathon my feet and calves were pretty sore. The first Sunday I ran, I ran with my friend Grant in Wick, (for just under 45 mins) and every step was sore. I admit I probably shouldn’t have, but it was good to catch up with Grant. My calves were really sore and it was a bit of a struggle, I knew I needed more rest.

Then great fun, I started a cold the Monday after…boooo. Then the Sunday after I ran for 35 minutes with my brother. It all felt fine.

My legs felt better thankfully, it felt like the two weeks more or less off running had done me good. Last week I did the following – a mixture of strength and running…and I wanted to try a bit longer running at the weekend, to test it out, to see how I was.

Here’s what I did last week:

Mon: 25 min bodyweight tabatas
Tue: Rest & massage (ouch!)
Wed: 15 min Spin then 30 min strength
Thu: 40 min easy run (felt fine)
Fri: 5k treadmill (felt fine) & 30 min KB strength
Sat: Rest
Sun: 8.4M run (sore feet / not right)

On Sunday there, the run was going well until about an hour in… and my right foot in particularly got niggly… then my calf, and my ankle.

I ran for just under an hour 20, with the aim to see if I could build up to do the Southside 6 in 3 weekends time (8M, 10M, 12M – SS6 15.4M)….

The answer was no, and after that run, I’ve pulled out of the Southside 6 so my place can go to someone else who wants to enter it / is on the waitlist.

It was nice running in the autumnal weather, with leaves falling all around me. Through Festival, Pollok and Maxwell Park…. I saw loads of dogs, loads of people out for their weekend exercise (walk / run / cycle).

I love to run at this time of the year…. Low light, sunrises, leaves and colours all over the place. But it’s simply not to be.

From now on

So here’s the plan for this week is:

Mon: Rest (bath later)
Tue: 25 min bodyweight tabatas & Strength
Wed: Swim (or spin & KB Strength)
Thu: Spin & Strength
Fri: Swim
Sat: Rest / walk (or gym)
Sun: Walk

And here’s the plan for the next 8-12 weeks… (cardio will be spin or swim, maybe run after 4 weeks).

Wc 17 Oct – Get used to swimming / strength / rest
Wc 24 Oct – week off / travel / visit
Wc 31 Oct – Bodyweight Strength / Swim
Wc 7 Nov – BW/KB Strength / Swim
Wc 14 Nov – BW/KB Strength / Swim
Wc 21 Nov – BW/KB/Weights Strength / Swim
Wc 28 Nov – BW/KB/Weights Strength / Swim
Wc 5 Dec – BW/KB/Weights Strength / Swim
Wc 12 Dec – BW/KB/Weights Strength / Swim
Wc 19 Dec – BW/KB/Weights Strength / Swim

My aim is to be healthy, fit and strong, whilst also doing well on the eating side of things (healthy eating). The start of which is my oaty breakfast bake, which I’ve made the last two Sundays for the following week.

I’ll add the link to the recipe soon.

I have it heated, with Greek yoghurt on top (the yoghurt not heated) in the morning. Yum

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