Sunflower baby

This year I planted my first sunflower seeds. I planted around 6 in total and 1 really took and grew (see it in the pic below) and another 2 grew a bit, but didn’t flower and I don’t think they’ll make it now.

(I admit, I am not a gardener, or at least I’m not an expert at gardening / don’t have much experience of it!)

My one sun flower grew to be about 6 foot tall, and in around August time it looked like this:

Now it’s most definately on its way out, but not before having some sort of off spring baby sunflower under the original sunflower head.

Next year I’ll be more planned and do it a bit better I think. Find out about when is best to plant them etc. :-). It was nice to see it grow into the little tall plant and flower(s) 🌻 over the months.

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