Post Marathon Blues

I’m gubbed. Just under 2 weeks since the marathon and the last 2 weeks has been tough. Race day had been an emotional day for me, and straight away I was sore, really sore after it.

I ran the course, and saw around 3-4 rainbows, the first being the one to our left at the start line, for around 10 minutes, until I ran so fast away from it and it disappeared behind a hill.

At 8 miles in, a bit of light drizzle and another rainbow, one at mile 10, one at the end (which I didn’t see, but got sent a picture of), and a big double rainbow the whole time we were eating our dinner.

At 16 miles in I got a little emotional (maybe at the thought of the 2 mile uphill at Dores?!!) but I managed to hold my tears in because I didn’t want to be a mess when I was running.

It was a really special day for me running the Loch Ness Marathon this year.

The last year has been tough, and I felt that for this round of training for the marathon, I didn’t feel as into it as I had been in the past. I was getting to 2 hours running on long runs and I’d need a break, was finding it hard to tell myself why I was doing it. Done in. My body could do it, I just felt that my head wasn’t in it.

3 marathons in a year – Loch Ness in October 2015, London in April 2916, Loch Ness in October 2016. I think it was too much for me. And I’ll be taking a break from them in 2017. They’re hard!

I crossed the line and saw my friend Jen, and got a big hug from her which I was grateful for. And straight away I crumbled into a crying mess. I was crying so hard I could hardly breathe. She hugged me tight, and looked after me for a bit before I went to wait for Fit Girl coming in.

I walked a bit and stretched, and I realised that I was sore, really sore. 26.2 miles of working hard, avg HR 162. Even my tongue felt sore when I tried to talk, it must have been tensed up.

The day after I had the usual DOMS, sore feet and legs, and back. And I had a bit of a sure throat too. I tried to get as much sleep as possible to recover and I tried to eat well and take care of myself. I knew I’d have at least 1-3 weeks off training.

The first few days after I felt like I’d been in a car accident, my body swelling up with water retention in an attempt to recover. People asked me how my marathon went and all I felt like doing was complaining about how bad I felt now, like a big horrible self inflicted hangover making me ill, sore and sad. 

I felt a bit better towards the end of the week and tried a run on Sunday night (a week after), but my right calf felt like it was properly injured, my sorest 4 miles for a long times. Not good. Much more rest required. (Which I’m fine with!)

So I had a week of being sore, then I spent the weekend with family which was nice. I remember thinking, this is great fun, and I was really happy. Really proper happy and having fun in the (coldish) sun. 🙂

Playing computer games, driving places, seeing the stars, throwing stones in the water, eating ice cream. It was ace fun.

Then on the Monday the cold and streaming face came. 3-4 days of lemsips and tissues, and my feet were still sore. I was feeling like crap. Run down, body taken a battering, emotions all over the place. :-/

I knew that I wanted to get back into training – strength work to start off with, but I know I’m not ready, rest and recovery comes first.

Self inflicted pain and illness, and the achievement of the marathon seems all like a big waste of time (even with the beautiful rainbows we saw). :-/. Post marathon blues – it’s a known thing, and I’ve probably had it to a degree before, after a marathon.

You spend so much time and energy training for a marathon, then when it’s over and your body is a mess like mine is, you break down.

So here’s my breakdown, feeling like crap, on Monday I cried, on Tuesday I felt so bad (sore and with the cold) I spent the day in bed (off sick) recovering. Wednesday night I cried, Thursday morning at work I cried. I tried to be grateful, and happy but it was hard.

I spoke with good friends and it helped me to realise what was happening. I got a grip. I realised what was happening and I decided it was time to be a bit nicer to myself. 🙂

– look after myself, be nice to myself.
– do things I enjoy.
– walk places, take time out of structured training, only go back to it when I’m sure I’m ready.
– eat well.
– spend time with good people (friends and family)
– get fitness back when I’m ready (next week tbc?)
– get plenty sleep.
– make some plans for a break away / adventure at the end of October.

Has this ever happened to you? How did you deal with it?

Ps: I’ll be fine. The cold is nearly gone, my legs / feet are nearly better and the weekend is nearly here. 🙂

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