1st day Apple Watch activity stats

Well that was a pretty active first full day using my new Apple Watch… I’m liking it.

The Apple Watch and activity tracker tracks around five measures and takes in a activities from Garmin Connect too (through the Health App on the iPhone I think). The Apple Watch tracks:

– Movement (calories)
– Exercise (minutes)
– Stand (hours)
– Steps
– Distance

I’m used to using steps to track my activity and the Apple Watch does do this (and steps are easy to access), but it doesn’t seem to be a main measure.

Anyway, here’s more about it:

When you set up your watch you get to chose your movement / calorie goal based on your level of activity – I chose ‘highly active’ and have a goal of 760 calories a day to burn. (I’m not sure how to change the goal now though).

With my 8 mile run this morning and walk to work, I got my goal by lunchtime. 🙂

Then there’s exercise – running, walking etc…
– 71 minutes running plus
– around 24 minutes waking to and from work
– leaves 15 minutes walking around work (and home).
My run synced automatically to the Watch which is good.

Then there’s stand time, you’re meant to stand once an hour every hour, for 12 hours with this goal setting. And I managed it, without changing what I usually do. I stood for some time, for 12 hours. 😬

I do have a desk job, but I routinely take breaks away from my desk to go and see people, take breaks when I can, and use the stairs rather than the lift mostly.

As well as the move, exercise and stand measures, it pulls your Garmin activities in (see my 8 mile run from today), and adds it to your other exercise to get a total distance and steps for the day.

I achieved my first ‘achievement’ too – for meeting my first daily goal.

The last thing you can do with the activity app on the iPhone is share you data with other Apple Watch owners, to see how you compare. There’s a news feed on Garmin connect which is similar.

Oh and I did some ‘Breathe’ sessions today – a bit like meditation. I usually do it for 5 minutes first in the morning – not meditation, but just taking time out focusing on my breathing, waking up nicely. A few reminders from my Watch, usually after I ate, and I did it 3 x 5 mins = 15 mins time out – easy!

All in all, a good and active day for me! I’m sure not all of them will be as active.

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