So, who is running at Loch Ness?

A few months ago we realised that one my family is running the 10k at Loch Ness, and this week I found out a few more people I know are running at it.

It got me thinking – I wonder who else I know who is running at Loch Ness? (Maybe I’ll see you there? – say hello if you see us there).

(I must mention Jen and Glynis who I met at the marathon last year, who are doing the 10k, then are planning on doing Amsterdam later in the month).

My number this year for the Loch Ness marathon is 1629, and I’ve signed up for updates to be posted to my personal Facebook page, along the run.

My plan for the marathon is to run with my heart rate at around 150-160 for maybe 16-18 miles, then let it increase 18-20, then see what I have left for the last 10k. Who knows what the outcome will be.

We’re going to inverness on the Saturday, and picking up our race packs. Then running on Sunday, dinner with the family hopefully, then back home on Monday.

This year our hotel is really close to the start / finish so that should be good for the legs. 😜

Let me know if you’re running at Loch Ness this weekend, by commenting below or on my Facebook page. It’d be great to hear from you.

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