1 week to go to LNM

Last week was full of rest and recovery, work and 4 runs. 34.5 miles, a bit more than the week before, but taper long run 13.1 miles the weekend before Loch Ness Marathon. The week before it was 31 miles at the end of the week.

My 13 miler on Saturday was quite an easy one, coaching and I wasn’t really paying attention to me. I was pretty tired after it, but probably just need to be eating more this week to help prevent tiredness or lack of energy after my long runs. Yum.

Ice cream probably isn’t the best fuel, so I’ll be eating to fuel this week coming. I’ve had my last coffee for a week, caffeine fast so that when I take on caffeine pre and during my run it hopefully helps me.

Sunday was a very lazy day, we went out for a bit, then spent the rest of the day watching telly. And I took care of my feet – hard skin softened / removed.

I’m ready for the marathon, and looking forward to it, as is Fit Girl.

This week, I’ve already started with an early morning 8k up to Maxwell Park and back, under the moon, then under the sunrise as it came up. Very pretty. I ran on my own, at around 620am, and kept my HR steady for the first half, then opened up a bit and let it go to around 165 towards the end. I felt nice and strong, I just need to do that over 5 times the distance on Sunday!

This week, here’s my plan:

Mon: 5.1M (+ walk)
Tue: Rest (walk / Edinburgh)
Wed: 8M wi FG
Thu: 6.2M
Fri: Rest
Sat: Travel to inverness
Sun: 26.2M Loch Ness Marathon

I have the following Monday off work, which I’m sure I’ll need. I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do on Sunday. Fingers crossed it’ll be as good as last year. I’ll add my number and the link you can track me on soon.

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