Wk36 into 2 weeks before the marathon

That was a bit of an eeeeeek week last week. I’d decided id take some rest (sore feet: plantars and toe joints) so I ditched my 18 mile run the weekend before, and didn’t get back up and running until Thursday last week.

A whole week off running. :-S it was a little unsettling but felt fine. My sleep wasn’t good, I think I averaged around 6-8 hours a night, but I was busy at work do that took over. I kept waking up in the middle of the night, not able to get back to sleep, but that seems to have settled down now.

I managed a coaching run in the Thursday night, then a 5 mile run on the Friday morning. And we got our long 20 mile run out of the way on Saturday morning too. So about 31 miles for the week. Rest and taper time I guess.

We went all over Glasgow including loops in Pollok park (Fit Girl chose the route). Then it was a restful weekend after that, including a nap on Saturday afternoon and eating out a lot (and a rest day on Sunday).

Mon: Rest
Tue: Rest
Wed: Rest (5M walking)
Thu: 5.4M coaching
Fri: 5M run
Sat: 20.3M run
Sun: Rest

Fast forward to this week and after the rest, my feet feel better and I feel well rested. I’m still feeling something in my plantars (left particularly), but I’m feeling good.

I’ve noticed my vo2 max estimate has dropped, it went down to around 49 after taking the week off running, and it’s slowly picking up to 50 today, after my 5 mile run on my own on Monday (fast finish) and my 10 mile run today (mostly with my work Twinnie) in the pouring rain. (Droont rat pic – why I didn’t wear a cap, I don’t know!)

My vo2 max estimate was 53 when I ran 3:37 at London marathon, and 55 when I ran 3:32 at Belfast marathon, so the higher it is, the faster I seem to be able to run my marathons. I’ll see if it increases with regular running in the next few weeks. (Fingers crossed).

Here’s the plan for the next few weeks, I was tired after my long run (but not sore), so im taking a rest day on Wednesday this week (and Sunday):

Mon 12: 5M run (fast finish)
Tue 13: 10M run
Wed 14: Rest
Thu 15: 6M run
Fri 16: 5k Friday
Sat 17: 15-17M long
Sun 18: Rest

Then the following week, a bit of rest, a massage, some walking and a few runs ahead of travelling up to Inverness on the Saturday:

Mon 19: Rest (5M walking) / massage
Tue 20: Rest (Edinburgh) (4-5M walking)
Wed 21: 8M run
Thu 22: Rest
Fri 23: 5k Friday
Sat 24: Rest
Sun 25: 26.2 Loch Ness Marathon

Not long to go now! I’m really looking forward to it.

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