Sunshine Songs Playlist – Task

What does music do for you? I listen to it every day, either first thing in the morning, on my walk to work, on solo runs. I love it to make me feel good and energised, and helps me feel grateful for all that I have and am.

I really listen to and take great meaning from the words in songs. And as a result I have what I call my Super Powers 10 playlist.

I started off with only limiting myself to having 10 songs on it, but as time went on I added songs which have real meaning to me. Now there are 43 in the list.

See more here, and all of the tracks in the images in this post –

A also have another expanded playlist with around 200 great songs on it for running to.

– – – – –

Now I have a task for you …

What about getting a playlist together with only uplifting and positive good songs?

Call it Sunshine Songs – (songs that bring you sunshine.)

Start with this one song –

Lovely Day by Bill Withers

And add a song a day – Only songs that make you feel GREAT (they can be current in the moment ones, or oldies).

Suggestions include …

… Titanium by David Guetta, and
… Lifetime by Emile Sande

(or any of the ones on the pics in this post).

Listen to it via headphones, or even just one song from it, each day – Super Sunshine Songs, just for you!

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