2 and a bit weeks to go

I’ll let you into a secret, I haven’t run since last Thursday (1st September) … and I only ran 15 miles last week… 😳 (this is not good practice 2 and a bit weeks before a marathon!!)

I could call it a taper, but the truth is other things have just taken over or taken priority – work, life, spending time with family. I’ve been tired too… but I got a good sleep last night (and lay in instead of getting up to train this morning).

I was going to run tonight, but I couldn’t muster up the motivation to go out. I ended up chatting with Fit Girl instead – all important stuff about how http://www.happypawsglasgow.com is going. Exciting times. 🙂

Above is my sleep which has been better in the last few days. But it wasn’t too good over the weekend … I’ll try to get an early night tonight.

Wednesday morning I have an early appointment which I’ll walk to, and if I wake up early enough I’ll do a run before it. Otherwise I might do a run at lunchtime. I really need to stop making excuses and just go for a run!!

The thoughts are creeping in – have I done enough? Will I be able to run the marathon? Will it be hard because I’m not going out for runs now when I should be?

This marathon isn’t going to train for itself! Eeeek. It’ll be 2 weeks to go on Sunday!

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