Wk35 into Wk36

I’m not sure why, but this week I’ve been tired. And with a sore body after strength training on Tuesday, the pain fed into my runs on Wednesday and Thursday. I’ve felt really tired since around Wednesday or Thursday.

Most of my muscles were sore until about Friday, and my feet were / are sore, on the joints and on my plantars, so I’m thinking rest would be more beneficial than running. 

I could have run 18 miles this weekend, but I had a visit to my Dad planned, so I’d rather spend the time with him than punish myself with an 18 miler in a place I hardly know. I spent some good time Nd memorable times with him, listening to his stories and just being with him, which was nice. (And I even washed his car for him!)

I had been building my strength training up, from body weight work, to kettlebells, then to gym work with weights. And I’d managed to build it up fine without too much pain, but this week 40 mins of strength hurt afterwards.

After a restful weekend away last weekend, I’ve had a busy few weeks work, and I’m putting that down to me feeling tired. My sleep could have been better too – I must get earlier nights in. I’ve been going to bed after 10pm and getting up really early – it doesn’t work!

I should be in bed early (9pm-ish) to help me get up early (6am).

Anyway, I’ve learned to listen to my body, and since I was visiting my Dad this weekend, I decided I’d forgo my 18 mile run this weekend.

It was nice spending the time with him, a walk in to get lunch yesterday at the Ship Inn, then a walk to get an ice cream today. Around 7,000 steps or 64 minutes waking each day. He’s building it up, now at 8 weeks since his op, and doing well.

With around 3 weeks to go until the Loch Ness marathon, maybe the rest will do me good, and it certainly won’t negatively impact me being able to do the 26.2 miles on the 24th September.

I’ll do a longish run at some point early next week, a 22 miler at the weekend, and a 15 miler as my last long run before the big day. Hopefully my feet and body will feel better with the rest this last week and the one before.

Here’s what I did last week (just 2 runs, a strength session and plenty walking):

Mon: Rest (shopping!)
Tue: Squat Strength
Wed: 9.2M run
Thu: 5.3M run (& massage)
Fri: Rest (drive to Stonehaven)
Sat: Rest (3M walk with Dad)
Sun: Rest (3M walk with Dad and washed the cars)

I’m going to do strength next week, but keep it to HIIT or KB, to keep it short / light / easier.

Now here’s what I’m planning next week:

Mon: Travel home (am), 4M run (pm)
Tue: Long run (8-15 miles)
Wed: Walk (am) + KB strength (pm)
Thu: HIIT Strength (am) + Coaching run (pm)
Fri: 5k Friday + HIIT strength
Sat: 22M run wi Fit Girl
Sun: Rest

I’ll try to get an early night tonight before an early start driving to work for 9am.

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