Treating myself to trainers and…

It’s been a while since I’ve bought new trainers, and I figured the other day it’d be nice to get a new pair.

I probably don’t ‘need’ them … (In fact, I know I don’t need them, but the deal on was too good to pass up).

I run in Mizuno wave inspires, and I have a pink pair, black pair, an old red pair (which live at my work), and an old blue pair. All running trainers.

Now here’s my new Mizuno wave inspires. Number 12s instead of my usual number 11s. But the 12s were cheap as there are number 13s out now.

A nice purple, pink and white trainer. 🙂

A snip at just £60. 🙂

I also took delivery of this – a new shoulder bag for my work.

It’s an Osprey Jill messenger bag, and has lots of pockets and handy bits. Fits the shape of a woman too apparently.

Ordered from wiggle, here in just a few days. I’m well chuffed with it. 🙂

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