OUTRun 5M up the Kelvin

My friend Lesley asked me if I’d run the Glasgow FrontRunners 5 miler up the Kelvin Walkway with her this Saturday, and who was I to refuse.


I went to meet Lesley just before 9, running up to Kelvingrove from home. We decided the night before that we would both wear purple shorts and a black vest, so we looked a little like twins or running partners. I had my nice purple lululemon arm sleeves on too, to keep me warm before and after.

We registered at the band stand, and there was fortunately the public toilets open there, to shelter next to as the rain came down before the run. The rain eased off before the start and there was a good short warm up before the start (although I never tend to join in, I did a few wee Squats etc).

The event was chip timed, and registration was that morning, and running all of it in Kelvingrove / up to the Botanics, it was a well organised event. An out and back route more or less. Easy peasy.

The rain went off just before the start, and just after 930 we followed a piper down to the startline. Across the bridge to start, then up and down a few hills before going along the undulating kelvin walkway. I’d done some of my long runs on it recently so I knew it well.

The first mile had a bit of a hill in it, and when we ran to the top there was a steel band playing at the top keeping the beat.

Mostly an out and back route, we got to half way and we were both working quite hard. My heart rate was around about 160 throughout, and maxed at 174. Lesley’s Garmin seemed to latch onto my heart rate monitor strap, so it looked like we had exactly the same stats… lol.

I had a feeling we would go back up that bl88dy hill in the last mile and we did. But it also meant that it was pretty much downhill for the last three quarters of a mile which was nice.

Despite it being a bit hard from maybe mike 3-5…, we managed a bit of a sprint finish, to finish in around 41 minutes. I (and I think we) hadn’t really planned to run that fast, but it felt good in the undulating course.

We got a rather full goodie bag at the end, along with a banana, water and a bright orange tshirt. All for £13.75 which is really good value. It was a good little event, nice and local and fun to do together.

After it I went over and praised the organisers for putting on such a good wee event. Nice and simple with a nice number of runners.

I’ve got 20 miles to run on Sunday, I’m not sure where… but I’m thinking a weee out and back would be good.

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