Who’s in your network?

Who do you go to? Who do you automatically lean on it go to when things go skewiff? Family, friends, colleagues? Who’s in your network? Who do you know is always there for you, and you’re always there for them?

The last few years has taught me that I have quite a large but selective network of what I call my fr-amily – Friends (and family) who have become family. 10-12 people in my life who I automatically go to for advice, or to bounce my ideas off of. People who I just click with and always have done. People who are always there for me (and I’m always there for them).

I’m very grateful and feel very fortunate to have these people in my life (and to have had them in my life up to now).

When I got my silver bracelet with my elephants on it recently, I noticed it had twelve infinity links on it. And I thought, there are my twelve rocks – my fr-amily. And I can be reminded each day, by wearing my bracelet, that they’re with me.

I’ll not list mine here, but have you ever sat down and listed your fr-amily? People you lean on when times get challenging. People who, when you meet after months apart, it’s ever so natural and good to be with them? People who know you so well and lift you up, higher and higher?

I have about 9 long term fr-amily, from mainly from my childhood so they know me inside out. And the other 3-4 can vary depending on where I am or what my challenge is. A couple of people at work, or in other areas in my life. They are wise, lovely, like minded women and they know what to say to bring me back to reality and help me through stuff.

Sometimes if crisis hits, I realise that I need to reach out to one, some or all of them. But every now and then I realise how fortunate I am to have them in my life, and Im grateful to them for how they’ve helped shape me into who I am today.

So who is in your fr-amily network? Who are the links on YOUR chain? 

And have you ever thought of the things they’ve done and said to help you become who you are today? 

Have you maybe been not been spending enough time with them recently? Have you ever thanked them for being there for you? Maybe you could. 🙂

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