Wk31 into Wk32

Last week was all about running – no HIIT or strength as i’d managed to do something to the right side of my back in the gym the Friday before. I’m still not sure what – a pull of a muscle? DOMS? Who knows, but it wasn’t right and I didn’t want to risk and quick or heavy movements with strength training.

I took the weekend off (end July) as rest, and by about Tuesday my back was fine. I tried an easy 10k on Monday morning and that fully running felt fine.

But for some reason pain started in my neck on the right side, and my shoulders were solid. It must be the stress of being three weeks back at work after three weeks of holidays (joke).

Anyway, here’s what my week looked like:

Mon: 10k easy wi FG
Tue: Rest
Wed: 6M run
Thu: Rest
Fri: 5k Friday + 5M run wi Twinnie
Sat: Rest
Sun: 15M long (and windy!)

Just over 35 miles running: Run, rest, run, rest, run, rest, run. Simple. And it’ll be similar this week too. I got a good 90 minute massage on Saturday afternoon from Clare at Fitness Therapy Glasgow, and I’m going back mid month to get some more work done. Hopefully my neck / shoulders will be better by then.

So onto last week’s long run – and I have to say, I was secretly dreading my 15 miler this last weekend. And the wind nearly put me off, but this marathon isn’t going to train for itself. So I got out at 830am on Sunday and just ran. A banana for breakfast, 3 caffeine gels throughout and plenty of water / my water pack.

It took me about an hour to get into it. The wind wasn’t all that bad in actual fact… but maybe it’s because I tried to run with it at my back most of the time (it was blowing me along the Clyde as it was going North Easterly, and I was running East).

I ran along to Glasgow Green and in and around it (and did a circle around the water fountain), before heading up High Street and up to George Square, where I decided I’d run around it.

Along Sauchihall Street, and over the flyover at Charing Cross, then onwards to the West End where I ran up Great Western Road and into the Botanics / Kelvin Way. I met and chatted to a few other runners.

I realised the three caffeine gels I’d taken (3 miles, 8 miles and 11 miles) were kicking in nicely, and I was finally enjoying the run. And I ran around the fountain at Kelvingrove park too. Weeeeeee.

My heart rate started low at the start, and increased a little over the run, but my pace stayed steady. Running the last few miles along Argyll Street (into the wind) wasn’t the best part of the run, but I was still feeling fine.

Then the last mile or so, I started to feel a bit tired. Still, it was pretty steady pace wise. I’ve realised I don’t even look at times / pacing on the run, just heart rate and cadence. Then I look at page being the result of my run after it.

And I’ve forgotten how much long running takes it out of you. I ended up a bit windswept, but with a good sense of achievement that I’d done it.

And after it I needed a bit of a nap to recover on Sunday afternoon. (Not before flying my life in windy Bella park – great fun, if a bit gusty!)

Monday morning and I was still a bit tired and hungry. Welcome to marathon training. :-S I need to eat eat eat and sleep sleep sleep.

My weight on 26 June was:
132.1lbs / 15.8% body fat
= 20.9lbs body fat / 111.2lbs lbm

Now 8 August it is:
133.2lbs / 14.2% body fat
= 19lbs body fat / 114.7lbs lbm

So in 6 weeks – a loss in body fat of 1.9lbs and an increase in lbm of 3.5lbs. That’ll do.

Here’s my plan for this coming week (I’ll not do the HIIT if my neck is sore) :

Mon: 4.4M easy running
Tue: Rest (Edinburgh)
Wed: 5M am, coaching pm
Thu: HIIT (or 6-8M run)
Fri: 5k Fri + HIIT
Sat: 16M
Sun: Rest

All in all last week was a good week – a little of course with not doing the HIIT and strength training. But keeping the tuning ticking over will be just fine. 🙂

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