Be more…

I don’t know how this came into my head, maybe when I was at a friends house and her 4 year old daughter was being a kid.

Fun, cute, funny, friendly, smiley, happy … we should all try to be more like her. Not having a care in the world, just being her / you / me.

So here goes… what would you like to be more of…?

Here’s what I’d like to be more of…

Be more motivated.
Be more smiley.
Be more fun.
Be more healthy.

Be more fit.
Be more super.
Be more efficient.
Be more relaxed.

Be more helpful.
Be more affluent.
Be more friendly.
Be more happy.

Fit Girl would like me to be more tidy and more helpful around the house… but let’s not go there. (Shhhhh).

What would you like to be more of? Things that you already do, that you’d like to do more of.

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