Wk30 into Wk31

Last week went well until the weekend came. I was still on a roll, feeling good and getting my training in well. 4 runs (nearly 22 miles), 2 x25 min HIIT sessions and a couple of strength sessions.

I did have a 15 mile run planned for this weekend, but it appears that I’ve maybe pulled a wee muscle in my back in the gym on Friday morning. I didn’t notice it until Saturday, and it made total sense to me to put my long run off to see how it would be.

Mon: 4.6M run
Tue: HIIT + KB strength
Wed: 5.2M coaching
Thu: 8.2M run
Fri: HIIT + Squat strength / 5k Fri
Sat: Rest
Sun: Rest

I put the long run off until Sunday morning, but my back is still sore. I could have run today, but I listened to what I would say to anyone else in my position – with a slightly pulled muscle / sore back, and 8 weeks out from a marathon, with training having gone well so far, and I decided I can afford to skip this week’s long run. The rest / recovery is more important at this stage. 🙂

It’ll be better to take the rest now, and see how I go, and build back up. It’s not too sore, but it’s not right, so I’m better giving it time to recover. Before I know it, the pain won’t be there and I’ll get back to training.

On Friday in the gym, it was probably the deep Squats with 20-25kg barbell on my back which did it.

2×8 reps with 20kg, 2×6 reps with 20kg, 2×4 reps with 25kg and 8 reps with 20kg. And I did shoulder presses, high pulls and reverse lunges with just 15kgs.

My 5k run on Friday was good, nice and easy, and the soreness in my back hadn’t hit yet so I was still feeling good.

For the last two weeks I’ve been careful to be a bit more effective at work: to do lists, taking lunch away from my desk and starting and leaving on time. It’s really made a difference. In June I got into a habit of staying later and later at work and felt a bit overwhelmed.

After my holiday, I’ve gone back with a more focussed way of working, and wanting to take care of me and my work life balance too. I’ll stay late if I have to, but finishing on time = getting home on time, having dinner early, getting to bed on time, getting enough sleep, getting up early. It’s all a circle and it’s working well just now.

Anyway, re my back, I’m sure with a bit of rest (Sat Sun, maybe Mon) I’ll be fine. So here’s the plan for next week, as long as my back is ok:

Mon: 5M run (or 30 min walk)
Tue: 8M run
Wed: HIIT + DL strength (light weights)
Thu: 6M run
Fri: HIIT / 5k Fri
Sat: 14M easy long run
Sun: Rest

I’ll see how I am through the start of the week and taylor it based on that. If I need more rest I’ll take it.

And ongoing, I’ll keep any weighted strength work to the middle (or start) of the week from now on, to keep it away from my long run days. And if my back feels ok by Tuesday I might do a bit longer that morning, but I’ll see how I go.

The pain is the type that’s there, and annoying, but then all of a sudden, it’ll be gone. And I’ll have forgotten it ever happened. Fingers crossed that happens sooner rather than later.

This last week I was lucky to receive a lovely bunch of flowers from my Step Mum for helping her and being there for her and my Dad when he was in for his op. Marks & Spencers ended up messing up the order a bit, so I got two big lovely bunches of flowers on Friday.

I gave one away to a colleague who’s also been helping her Dad in hospital, so hopefully that brightened up her livingroom too. They’re certainly brightening up my livingroom and giving off a very strong smell too!

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