Elephants with me all the time

Those who know me or follow this blog, may know why I like elephants so much, and know that every now and then I drop one in memory of my Granny (see more here: https://lornpearsontrains.co.uk/2014/10/13/1-elephant-dropped-2-more-bought/ )

It all started with this big wooden elephant which my Grandad brought back from India when he was stationed there in the 2nd World War. And when I was little, my Granny would tell me about the story, and I’d lie down next to it and imagine the story (but I’d never touch the elephant as it was so precious).

The elephant was left to my Mum, and (thanks to my big brother) I’m now lucky enough to be in possession of this special family heirloom, and I’m so very proud and feel very fortunate to have him in my livingroom.

The year my Granny died, it was December when I was 21 and I’d sent her a small Ivory elephant all wrapped up, for her Christmas. But she died on the 13th December, so it lay there unopened, in limbo. I opened it and put it down with her coffin when she was buried.

As I lowered her into the ground the day she was laid to rest, I decided I’d buy a little elephant when I saw one. Keep it for a bit, and drop them in her memory, all over the world. (The funny thing is, she’d probably be a bit angry at me for spending my money on them!)

Anyway, some good friends of mine, Emma and Siobhan recently came up with the same nice and lovely idea – to gift me a little silver elephant pendant on a necklace as a present.

Two little elephants, on a necklace each. But the thing I thought, was that when they’re on a necklace, I can’t see them – and I wanted to have them where I could wear them together and see them.

So I bought this nice silver bracelet from our local jewellers, Thomas Harkins in Shawlands. And I got him to put them both on the end of it.

12 links of shiny silver infinity… all connected together around my wrist. Maybe the 12 links could be the 12 most special people who are always there for me … (You know who you are, and I do too, that’s for sure. You’re always there for me and you help me when I really need you.). 😉

Here they are: My two little elephants on my bracelet, from my two very good friends, right where I’ll be able to see them. With me every day I want them to be.

Silver sparkling elephants with the kindness, strength and support of my good friends in them. I’m very lucky indeed.

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