Withings Weight & Body Fat readings

I’ve been using my Withings body analyser scales since the end of 2012, and I really like them.

They give really good readings, and they all sync via Bluetooth to the my Withings app, which is cool and simple. Since then, for a number of reasons, my body weight and body fat has increased.

My Withings set on ‘athlete mode’ so they show a low body fat reading (which seemed to be more accurate than the normal body fat measure).

Here’s what my weight and body fat was 3 years ago…

5 Feb 2013: 124.6lbs = 12.3% body fat
15.3lbs body fat / 109lbs lbm

And this year, in May:

6 May 2016: 132.6lbs = 16.5% body fat
21.9lbs body fat / 110.7lbs lbm

In just over 3 years I’ve put on around 8lbs, increased by 4% body fat – so +6lbs body fat and +2lbs lean body mass / other.

In 2012/2013 I was training a lot. A lot of long distance running, I was at the peak of my marathon training and had just run my first ultra marathon. I was maybe even ‘too thin’ and possibly overtraining.

I started a new job, which I loved, and I may have let it take over a bit (instead of focusing mainly on my training).

I also started coaching others and maybe came away from strength training as much, so that I could focus more on doing 3-5 big running events a year. I’ve probably settled into my ‘set point weight’.

So here’s my weight and body fat now, at the end of June 2016, after a few really busy weeks at work, and just before we went on holiday (where we walked lots and are lots).

You’ll see progress here hopefully, along with what I did (walking / running / HIIT etc).

Weighing in around every week, the important part is not the overall lbs… it’s the change in body composition.

All the following measurements will be compared to my stats below, from Sun 26 June:

Sun 26 Jun: 132.1lbs = 15.8% body fat
20.9lbs body fat / 111.2lbs lbm

Then I did: (Lots of walking & eating – on holiday, no running, 2xHIIT sessions)

Sun 10 Jul: 133.6lbs = 15.3% body fat
20.4lbs body fat / 113.2lbs lbm
+1.5lbs, -0.5lbs body fat / +2lbs lbm

Then I did: (Getting back into training, 5 runs / 29 miles, 3 strength sessions).

Mon 18 Jul: 131.6lbs = 14.7% body fat
19.3lbs body fat / 112.3lbs lbm
-0.5lbs, -1.6lbs body fat / +1.1lbs lbm

Then I did: (A good week of 5 runs / 33 miles, 3 strength sessions).

Mon 25 Jul: 133.8lbs = 14.6% body fat
19.5lbs body fat / 114.3lbs lbm
+1.7lbs, -1.4lbs body fat / +3.1lbs

So a month of lots of walking, eating and eventually a few weeks of plenty running, HIIT and strength, and I’ve lost 1.4lbs of fat. And gained 3.1lbs of lbm/other. (1.7lbs increase overall).

I am perhaps eating too much to lose weight weight / body fat (and I maybe need to forgo the habitual after dinner mini mars bar and choc ice if I want to lose more body fat / lbs! – sssshhhhh). I eat to fuel my training, that’s what I’m saying anyway. 😉

But I’m happy where I am. I feel good and it’s good to see some change in body fat / lbm.

The overall number on the scale doesn’t matter, it’s the body composition numbers that means everything. The only reason I’d want the overall lbs to go down would be to help it be easier to run faster / easier.

Now you have to see this…


The Withings ‘Body Cardio‘ a newer version of my scales, and if I’m very lucky I might get them. It does lots and lots and generates more information and stars by wifi. We’ll see.

So if anyone wants to buy a slightly older set of well looked after Withings Bluetooth Body Analyser scales, with the original box, let me know. Lorn.pearson 🙂

£80, pick up from Glasgow (or £5 UK postage)… it’s this one below:
Withings Smart Body Analyzer – White https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0084LF0L6/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_V3KLxbAHN0YZT

Now let’s see what the next few months of training and eating well will do for my lbs / %! I do like my graphs. 🙂

I’d better replace the mini mars bars and choc ices with something a bit more healthy if I want the body fat to go down!

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