10M long run Ellon wi Jen & Glynis

I was up early today, and did my early miracle morning routine, then left my Dad’s so that I got to the station hotel in Ellon for just before 830am. It was nice to drive thru Aberdeen city centre first thing on a Sunday morning (it reminded me of many mornings I walked home as a student years ago!)

After just under an hour in the car, I needed a toilet stop before I started, and luckily the staff in the station hotel let me in. Just as I was going back to the car, the lovely Jen and lovely Glynis had arrived.

I was warned there would be a few hills, and ‘feckhill’ was mentioned, but I tried to ignore that one. It was going to be a long slow run, but it ended up not really being that way. Fine, we’re all fit enough for a bit of a faster one.

They’re doing Amsterdam marathon on the 17 October, 3 weeks after the Loch Ness Marathon, so we’re doing similar distance anyway. The scenery was nice, as were the hills which I’m not so much used to (I tend to avoid them when I can!)

I met them through my Facebook page, and in person at last years Loch Ness Marathon. They’re both very friendly and nice people so it was good to catch up with them. And it was nice to be out in the countryside and be forced to do some hills! Big skies in Aberdeenshire.

And here’s the funny ‘scary cat’ road sign. Lol

My heart rate was 152 on average, 169 max (due to the hills) and I certainly did feel it. But it felt like a good workout and will hopefully help improve my fitness.

Here’s my heart rate graph (red) with the elevation overlayed. It was very similar to Jens graph on Garmin.

The run ended up being a long ‘not so slow’ run, but it was still good. I had a shower at Jen’s and Jasper met her dog Nico. They both got a dog biscuit. 😉

Oh – and it ended up being 10.5 miles, and I had a big stitch at the end. Still got to build these long runs up. 12 miles with a fast finish next weekend for my long run, all going well.

Now I’m going to visit my Dad before driving back home and back to work tomorrow after 3 weeks off.

Hopefully going back to work won’t be too much of a shock for me. 😉

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