Wk28 into Wk29

I’m at the end of three weeks off work and so much has happened in those last three weeks.

10 nights in Toronto and all of the fun and sight seeing we did. No running whilst I was there, but two X 25 min HIIT sessions in the hotel at the start which left me a bit sore. It let me know there were achievable though.

I got together my training plan for the marathon, and 6 X 25 HIIT workouts and a KB workout set up in a new ‘Seconds’ app which is a great timer app. It’s very customisable and easy to use.

I’ve read two good books whilst I’ve on holiday:

The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod
The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

Both are good books – I’ve managed to implement the Miracle Morning, each morning since I’ve been back, and I just need a bit more work to see how I can include The Compound Effect in my life somehow too (changing habits to good habits and to get them to compound until you’re amazing). It has good action point throughout, so I’ll revisit them and see what happens.

The next book I’ll read is ‘The Rules of Work’ by Richard Templar.

In the last week I’ve managed to pick up my exercise again. Running and Tabata HIIT strength training (and even a bit – 1 mile – of swimming on Friday in the open air pool in Stonehaven).

Being up in Stonehaven with my Dad in hospital (he’s doing well by the way)… I’ve had a lot of time on my hands so I’ve had absolutely no excuse not to run or do a 25 min HIIT session. If I want to be fit (for the marathon and in general), I need to do it.

Here’s what I’ve done/ what I’m planning to do with my last few days of freedom.

Mon: 25 mins HIIT
Tue: 7.5M run (& drop an elephant)
Wed: 4M run
Thu: 4.4M / 40 mins hill run
Fri: 1M Swim & 5k Friday #3 (150 HR run)
Sat: Rest (walk)
Sun: 10M run in Ellon

I’m pleased with how things went this week. Having time on my hands made it easier to make sure I did it all.

My runs this week have been hard. My heart rate was away yo at 160-170 at the drop of a hat. I did try to slow the pace, but I was doing between 9 to 9:30 min miles and it was higher than it would usually be. I know if I’m consistent with my running, I’ll get my fitness back and my HR will come back down to 150 on these types of runs.

On Friday I did my 3rd Friday 5k and I kept my HR to 150. My pace was 9:06 and my 5k time was 28:15. My avg HR was 148 and max 162. It felt really good.

I fitted it in when I had been visiting my Dad at hospital between 1130-7pm this Friday. They have a break between 12-1 and 5-6 where the patients get fed. So I popped out for my run about 5pm. (I had my gear in the car, and changed in the hospital). I felt very accomplished for doing it (as well as the swim). 🙂

Running this 5k now should give me a basis of how my fitness / HR is now, compared to the coming months. My plan is to do 1 X 5k each Friday, so I can compare them as I go.

This one was the slowest of the 3 I’ve done, but it felt really good (avg HR 148). And my pace was similar to the other day (when my avg HR was way up above 160, and it felt like really hard running).

My tabata HIIT workouts are nasty too, but short at just 25 minutes. And I’ve not been too sure after them, so that’s good. My legs were a bit heavy on Tuesday, but I think that was a mixture of not having run for a long time and the HIIT from the day before.

Here’s my plan for next week:

Mon: 25 min KB Strength + 4M run Maxwell Park
Tue: 5M run
Wed: 25 min HIIT
Thu: 6M run
Fri: 5k Friday #4
Sat: long run – 12 miles, easy then last 3 miles fast finish Sun: 25 min HIIT

Back to work on Monday, and apparently it’s going to be busy. I’ll clear through my emails and take it bit by bit / day by day and prioritise.

One of my habits / goals I wanted to have in work is to leave on time… I’ll maybe do an alarm at 430pm, reminder at 5 to leave, then leave at 515 or 530 at the very latest. I’ll see how that goes!! (as I’ve not been very good at that!)

And next week I’ll start doing my Miracle Mornings before work. I’ve managed to to them (and enjoy doing them when I’ve been off work, but I’ll see how easy they are to do when I’m at work full time.)

Finally I posted this on my Facebook page because I liked it (and a lot of others liked it too):
It’s a beautiful day!

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