Wk27 into Wk28

I managed to get over the jet lag fine, and did miracle morning each day, Fri, Sat and Sunday morning.

I didn’t do the exercise part of the miracle morning today, but apart from that, I did the silence, affirmations, reading and writing. (and the exercise too on Friday & Saturday). And it felt good.

This last week, I ran on Friday – an easy 5k, then a 10k in the smirry rain on Saturday. Rest day today.

On Saturday I saw my friend Kate and her two kids – Ciara is a very cool 4 year old, who told a strange man off for not picking up his dog poo (and gave him a freezer bag). – because his dog poo’d in the park in front of her house and he didn’t pick it up!

It was class seeing him being told off by a 4 year old (who lives by the RULES). I also fed her little sister, 6 month old Alice which was good.

This next week I’m up in Stonehaven / Aberdeen visiting my Dad. And with 11 weeks until the Loch Ness marathon, my marathon training starts.

Here’s my plan (miracle morning each morning 7-8am):

Mon: Strength – bodyweight HIIT
Tue: 5M run
Wed: Strength – bodyweight HIIT
Thu: 8M run
Fri: 5k run
Sat: Strength – bodyweight HIIT (or run).
Sun: Rest

I might be sore after the HIIT, even though they’re just 25 minutes of strength work. (As I haven’t done it for a while). I might run 4 times, I’ll just see how I go. Now I just need to figure out some routes up here – Dunnotar Castle will be one.

I might drop a wee elephant for luck too. (I got three wee ones in Toronto).

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