Operation Fit – Training Plan

Here’s my Operation Fit Training Plan, incorporating marathon training and strength work, and miracle mornings, putting time aside in the mornings to get magic.

Weekly Happy Healthy Fit schedule:

– Miracle Mornings, every weekday morning.
(I might do it on weekends, I’ll see).

Then a simple weekly schedule of:

Mon: Strength day / Walk
Tue: Run day
Wed: Strength day / Walk
Thu: Run day
Fri: 5k Friday runs
Sat: Rest / Walk
Sun: Run day (or rest if ran long on Thu or Sat / need more rest).

Marathon Training

I haven’t run for around 2 weeks, a good bit of rest from it.

Hopefully it’ll have given me and my legs a rest before I start my marathon training for the Loch Ness Marathon this year.

I’ll do 3-4 runs a week, with my long run being as below.

Wks – wc miles type
11 – 11/7 8 Easy
10 – 18/7 12 Easy, fast finish 3M
9 – 25/7 15 Tempo 5×3
8 – 1/8 13.1 Time Trial
7 – 8/8 16 Easy, fast finish 4M
6 – 15/8 20 Race pace progressive
5 – 22/8 12 Easy
4 – 29/8 18 Race pace progressive
3 – 5/9 22 Easy / endurance
2 – 12/9 15 Easy
1 – 19/9 26.2

I’m hoping to do some Speedwork this time in my weekly training, and I’m hoping to get my fitness up, and push this marathon to see what happens.

Strength Training

Then here’s my strength / HIIT tabata work 25-30 minutes in the mornings – building up my strength to eventually build up from bodyweight work to weighted work:

A warm up of 3:30, 5 rounds of 8 X 20:10 of each exercise, then a very short cool down = 25 minutes

I’ll do one of these 5 workouts as part of my early (miracle) morning routine (if I’m sore from them, I’ll go for a 30 min walk instead, or a run):

And once I’m up to strength with body weight workouts I’ll introduce Kettlebell / weighted strength workouts:

Sorted. 🙂 I’ll run and easy 10k on Saturday, rest and travel on Sunday, then start my Operation Fit plan properly on Monday 11th.

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