Operation Happy, Healthy, Fit

Taking some time out on holiday has been good – no training, no pressure, just up and about enjoying ourselves and sight seeing Toronto and Niagara. 10 days of fun, and I’m off work for another week or so when I get back.

A year or so ago, I did a short bit in a film for BBC Get Inspired video, and in it, I said that it’s important to me for everyone to be happy, healthy and fit. For me, when I’m healthy and fit, the happiness tends to follow… but the last 6-9 months has been tough, and the happiness has understandably been missing a little.

Life and work took over for a bit and I was finding it hard to fit my training in, and fit in the fun bits of life that can help make smiles and happiness happen automatically. It’s time to get it back.

Having a good day for my birthday in June, then this break away brought me back to normal happy old me again. Life is good. And doing the London Marathon and going to Skye to see an old friend and run the half there, also saw a glimmer of me being back to being me.

I had my annual review at work before I left in my holiday, and it was all good. So I’m thinking its time I focused a little more on getting to be who I want to be – quite simply, I want to be Happy, Healthy and Fit.

This has also been prompted by reading The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod.

A simple concept of setting aside time each day (first thing) for: SAVERS – Silence, Affirmations, Visualisation, Exercise, Reading and Scribing. Get up an hour earlier than you would have done, to spend some time on yourself.

I’ve been struggling to get up early (probably for the last year!), so this simple method should give me the push I need to get up and start my day well.

The first part is –

Get up and ready every morning (an hour before you normally would):

1. Think happy thoughts before you go to sleep so that its the first thing you think of when you wake.
2. Set the alarm for 545 so I’m out of bed for 550. (645 / 650 on weekends / days off).
3. Get work out clothes on.
4. Splash water on face and brush teeth.
5. Get a bottle of water to drink and go downstairs to start SAVERS.

My version of SAVERS (6am or 7am):
1. 5 mins – Silence – mediation / reflection / gratitude.
2. 5 mins – Affirmations / Visualisation – write positive affirmations down and re read them, visualise what I want to do / be.
3. 10 mins – Reading
4. 10 mins – Writing – goals / blog.
5. 30 mins – Exercise / Activity – Bodyweight HIIT, KB HIIT, Strength, Walking / Running.

(I’ll also avoid time wasting things like Facebook first thing and I’ll out my phone away at night after dinner.)

Operation Happy, Healthy, Fit:

Happy – (will feed off healthy & fit).
– Socialising / Spending time with Fit Girl (eat out / movie night / date night) / Family / Friends / Visit others on weekends.
– Doing Fun Stuff – Kite Flying / Asda & Jasper / Going out for meals / Park Walks
– Get a balance between work / social / training.
– Helping others – in coaching & at work.

Healthy –
– Consistent Training / Activity – strength training / marathon training (will feed into fit). Include ms walking / steps too.
– Sleep – get a good sleep routine / enough sleep – 8-9 hrs a night.
– Eat well – to fuel activity and be healthy.
– Work – get more efficient and leave work on time.

Fit –
– Strong – Bodyweight HIIT, KB HIIT, Strength, Walking / Running.
– Marathon Training – 3-4 runs a week including long run, training for Loch Ness marathon.
– Balance between both – use strength to get strong, running for endurance.
– Goal to get leaner, stronger, to help fitness and marathon running.

Weekly Happy Healthy Fit schedule:

– Miracle Mornings, every weekday morning.
(I might do it on weekends, I’ll see).

Then a simple weekly schedule of:
Mon: Strength day / Walk
Tue: Run day
Wed: Strength day / Walk
Thu: Run day
Fri: 5k Friday runs
Sat: Rest / Walk
Sun: Run day (or rest if ran long on Thursday / need more rest).

I got a new ‘Seconds’ app on my phone to help me with the timings for the miracle mornings, and some HIIT / KB workouts, so that’ll be a good start. I’ll post the workouts and my marathon training plan separately. 🙂

I had a really good time on holiday – lots of food (pizzas, ice cream, pancakes, waffles, coffee, hot dogs), lots of walking, lots of sleeping, lots of sight seeing and fun. 🙂 My hair is a little blonder and my tan a little darker.

Now from next week Operation Happy, Healthy Fit starts for me! (I hope I remember how to run and I’ll not be too sore from my HIIT workouts!). Who wants to join me?

And if you haven’t read The Miracle Morning, if recommend it. 🙂

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