Birthday fun!

Another year older and today, my birthday was all about doing what I wanted to do…(and ‘having fun’ was the name of the game). 

So it started with cake for breakfast…

Carrot cake with icing yum
With two coffees and water 

Then I opened my cards and presents…

I got lots of lovely presents including this little cute shiny elephant necklace and cars from a good friend.

I already have a slightly bigger elephant like this, from another good friend, so they’ll keep each other company.

Then Fit Girl took me for breakfast at MoYra Janes where I had Eggs Royale and some more coffee…

Before we drove to Irvine beach to fly my kite, it was so windy I didn’t need Fit Girl to throw it up for me.

We walked for a bit then walked behind the beach where it was very windy. It was nice and sunny and not too cold.

Just right for kite flying!

I had great fun. 🙂 I had to be careful of dog walkers and at one point a Jack Russell nearly came to attack me and my kite. But he was a fearty really.

I’m not sure if this one looks like I’m flying a kite, but I am. I promise.

Tonight we’re going out to a steak house for dinner, which was a present from some lovely person (thank you).

I was a bit wind swept after all my fun / kite flying – so much so I went for a nap, after sitting in my garden for a bit.

No run today, but I’ll do it first thing tomorrow instead, and maybe some weights too.

🙂 Thanks for all the birthday wishes.

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