New chapters…

Tomorrow I will be another year older. 36 years old, or just over 13,000 days old. I’ve decided it will be a new chapter, time to get back to fun and happiness, the good life.

My 35th year has been a bit of a bump of a year… a big crash and some demons returning in November and the following months. I did what needed to be done, and now things are again, ticking over nicely again. I’m good now.

I used the London Marathon as a bit of a recovery, a ‘I know I can do anything I set my kind to’ and I did. I think I smashed it. One of my best marathons run, mainly because I didn’t feel the pain until mile 25. I did it, and I loved it.

I stood up to my demons that were chasing me from the past and I stamped all over them then wiped the floor with them. And I raised over £1,500 for a charity which is close to my friends heart. Magic stuff which felt like a great achievement. I was and am well proud.

Now, tomorrow – for my birthday, I’m going to have a nice wee fun day off work (no one should work their birthday right?) Eating good food, cake, ice cream maybe, and a kite may make an appearance.

Each day it’s getting easier and easier to accept what’s gone on, and to get back to my normal old self, away from the demons and bad sh!t that I really don’t need. Be grateful for all that I have and all that I’ve become.

Tomorrow will start a new chapter for me, fun times, different kinds of challenges, better challenges. A big lovely fun holiday, followed by strength training and the Loch Ness Marathon in a few months (and all the training that will be involved in that)… I’m also going to help some others with my running coaching too.

…not to mention work and supporting Fit Girl in her new dog walking venture – / like her Facebook page here:
Time to turn the page to the next chapter and close the last one behind me. Time to get that little cool girl, who didn’t realise how cool she was, back to do some good. 🙂

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