Job done

Another personal but not too long a post from me. Today I received the final outstanding part of the bill for my Aunt Sheila’s headstone. And more importantly I got a picture of what it looks like.

My Aunt lived for 68 years, and I had a close bond to her, and an even closer bond to my Granny (her Mum).

I remember drawing and colouring in with her when I was small, and she used to quote Michael Barrymore in a funny way when he was current, and would say ‘awright!?’ (You had to be there). She loved jokes and making people laugh. 

Other funny things she used to do was call up her friend when it was a full moon and shout ‘arrrrrrooooooooo’ down the phone at them. Lol. 

She ended her days in a care home, and there her personally shined out. She was fun, and happy when I was young. Then latterly life got harder for her, but I still kept in touch and tried to be there for her.

It was in December last year that I realised, when visiting my uncle, that since my aunt had passed away in October 2014, a headstone hadn’t been arranged for her. She is buried in Lochaline where she and my granny lived, so it’s a long way to visit, but I’ll go some time soon.

So I got in touch with my siblings and my uncle and we clubbed together to get one put in place.

It’s an understatement to say that I feel very proud to finally have her laud in peace with a headstone in place. It’s one thing that I’m very glad that I was able to organise this with the help of everyone else. It’s in place just in time for the full moon on 20th June… ‘arrrrrrrrroooooo’. 😉

I’ll go visit Lochaline sometime and go to the grave (and my Granny’s), say my respects, before the end of the year is out.

More about my aunt here:

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