An eventful week…

A few things happened this week (not much running – (taper time?!) – and a lot of long days at work, meant just a 3 mile coaching session on Wed and a 5 mike run on Thursday.).

But assessment days at work for the Apprenticeship means that I’ve done lots of steps… running around getting things sorted. Below is about 500 steps away from target on Monday, then above 10k on Tuesday, and around 20k on Wednesday and Thursday.

First up was Pepe – a dog Fit Girl looked after for a bit. He was a really well behaved dog, and helped us strangely find a pair of Coldplay tickets on the ground along the clydeside near our house on Tuesday night.

Some poor soul dropped them the night of the concert. Ooops. It was nice looking after him anyway.

After a few walks he was a bit pooped and relaxed well. Pepe and FG came and met me from work for a walk, then we walked last thing at night too. (I’m secretly thinking having our own dog would be magic… maybe in a year or so… a wee border terrier maybe… shhh).

Then on Wednesday night I coached Audrey and we did a 35 min run in searing heat. We were going to try tempo but it was just too hot so we just ran. 3.02 miles in 35 minutes. I’ll see her again in 2 weeks. She’s doing well (as usual).

Oh and the most BIZARRE thing happened on her coaching session – I have to tell you!

We were running around the bottom of the science centre, chatting. And we looked left, and were stunned to see a young man, maybe 30 ish… sitting stripped down to his pants, with his clothes and smart shoes lined up next to him – Reading and sunbathing.

In White red and blue PANTS. We both stopped in our tracks of what we were saying (but kept running thankfully)… and asked each other if we’d really just seen that. It was hot and it was a bit secluded, but come on. Lol. Taps aff? More like everything aff!

On Wednesday we also took delivery of this little lovely side table. For sitting next to my chair, when I’m reading and relaxing. We bother it online and I love it! 🙂 I just need to get a nice coaster for it (instead of post it notes that I’m using just now).

Wednesday also saw the evening I went out for dinner with my Dad and step mum for dinner. They were down for the night and it was nice to see them. I showed my dad my bone conduction headphones, my garden, bird feeders and kitchen which he hadn’t seen. And I also gave him a little green elephant as a present. It was nice to see them. We both had a pudding. 😀

Work has ruled his week a bit, and i knew it would. In really early, working late. Getting lots of people in who had applied for the BBC Scotland Apprenticeships. Hopefully I helped them feel at ease when I explained what we had in store for them.

Thursday was a 13 hour day for me, before I sent all of the names we’d selected for the next stage through to recruitment for next week.

We’ll have 4 days of interviews next week then I’ll lie down in a dark room… I mean, I have 5 days at work next week, then a 3 day week, then I’m off work for a few weeks. Good timing to have a break.

It’s great to meet lots of people who are keen to work with us, and I feel very fortunate to be in the position I’m in. Lots of paper printed out for the campaign.

Then last night I came home, to find that at 3 pm yesterday someone had backed into my car and damaged the front and back bumper then driven off. 😦 they’d not left a note, but we have a rough idea of who it is, and fit girl came in just as they were driving out.

So the police were around late on Thursday night to take a statement to follow it up. The damage isn’t too bad, but it’s a bit annoying. I handled it pretty well after the long day of had though.

Today I have a short morning in work, then I’m going to come home, pack and go to Skye to stay with a good friend and run the Skye half marathon in Saturday. Fun times.

I’m really looking forward to the drive and catching up with my friend (oh – and the run – I’m looking forward to enjoying the run and hopefully taking more if it in this time, compared to last time in 2014, when I surprised myself with my HM pb).

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