8 min miling…

As you may know, I’m pacing at the women’s 10k on Sunday 5th May. I’ll be starting in the green section, so starting at 1040, and will be pacing for a 50 minute run. If you see me, please say hi.

I’ve paced at the event for the last 3 out of 4 years and always run 50 minutes. (Last year I went on holiday so couldn’t do it). And this year I was signed up quite late on, so I didn’t know right until less than a week before I was doing it.

So… I haven’t had much time to see if I can run 8 minute miles. (I can… but I don’t particularly like to!) The main reason for this is that I don’t generally run to pace, I run to my heart rate – nice and easy at 150 ish, or sometimes up to 165 in a marathon or race.

Another reason is that marathons tend to slow you down. They’re all about endurance, keeping going on and on and on. And (a fast) pace (for me) isn’t as important as going long. My training so far this year up to end April was marathon training, and now it’s continued for half training, with hardly any speedwork.

I have, as well, just not been running fast. I usually choose not to. I’d much run at a comfortable pace and enjoy it, or chat with who I’m running with. (Not to mention I’ve put on about half a stove in the last year or two – all these things will make running fast harder).

Anyway, I am on for it. I’m running a 50 minute 10k on Sunday. I’ll not look at my heart rate, and I’ll remember what Cris Walsh said to me ‘once you get your body and mind running at a certain pace, it can put up with it, no one said it was meant to be easy’.

So that’s what we did this morning, Fit Girl and I – a 5k at 50 min 10k pace. Or 8 min miling approximately. Along to the squiggley bridge, back to the millennium, through festival park and home.

Just under a mile in, we hadn’t talked yet, and I said quickly, ‘it’s sh!t because you can’t talk, id much rather be able to talk’. Fit girl agreed, then we went over the squiggley bridge and she said ‘this is horrible’. Lol

Then after that I seemed to settle into it ok. It must take about 5-10 minutes for me to settle into running faster, then I just need to keep going. And my heart rate wasn’t too high, until the last mile. It wasn’t that bad afterall.

It’ll be warmer on Sunday though so it might be a bit harder. I’ll be seeking out the shade when I’m running and I’ll be wearing a vest and shorts.

I’ll split the race down into 3 X 2 mile sections, (usually I’d run this the opposite way – try for a negative split if I was racing), but when I pace, I take on board that most people will slow down towards the end.

2 miles – warm up settle into pace, around 7:50 min miles

2 miles – steady and encourage those around me, 8:00 min miles

2 miles – slow down a bit to let others who have been running with me continue on to hopefully get sub 50, and let others who have been chasing me (all the way sometimes) overtake me – 8:10 min miles

0.2 – round of to 50 mins and encourage finishers last me.

Always keeping an eye on keeping the avg pace at 8:00 min miles or just faster. And if all of the detail above goes to pot, I’ll just aim for just under 8:00 min miles on average. Garmins are clever.

So here’s me today after 24:36 of running fast… The sunglasses hide how I was really feeling. Lol.

If you see me on Sunday, please say hello – I think I’ll wear orange again. I look forward to helping anyone who wants to get 50 mins or sub 50 mins.

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