Wk20 into Wk21

Last week it felt like I didn’t really do much exercise, 3 runs just under 20 miles.

The weekend was so nice, I managed to avoid going out running. And with a half marathon (Skye) in 2 weeks, that’s not exactly ideal preparation, so I made up for it with a long run (half marathon in 2 hrs) on Monday morning.

Mon: Rest
Tue: 10M run
Wed: 3.1M coaching
Thu: Rest
Fri: 4.65M run wi FG
Sat: Rest (3M walk)
Sun: Rest (gardening & 1M walk)

I did spend most of Sunday gardening though, and power washing our garden walls down. (But I had three ice creams across the day as a reward for my efforts. Oops).

Last Saturday I’d done squat strength in the gym, and it left me with sore legs, until about Wednesday. I didn’t think the weight was that heavy – 20kg on Squats, but clearly my legs disagreed.

I knew as soon as my legs were shaky straight after it. 36 minutes of intense strength workout. So if I can blame my lack of motivation / exercise on anything last week, it’s that.

I’ll get strength to work alongside my rubbing one of these days. Saying that, my average steps last week were just over 11,600, more than my avg for the months so far, so at least I’m still being active.

So here’s the plan for this coming week:

Mon: 13.1M easy long
Tue: Rest / Edinburgh – 4-5M walk
Wed: Deadlift Strength
Thu: 9M run
Fri: KB Strength
Sat: Rest
Sun: 8-10M run (or women’s 10k?)

One thing I really have been enjoying is sitting in the garden. Either just watching the world go by or watching the birds. There’s a natural birds nest on the garage walk next to where my bench is. And the adult bird keeps going in with food, then the babies chirp away loudly. It’s so cute.

This warm weather really is good. I wish it was like this more often. It even worked well for my long run on Monday morning as Glasgow hadn’t warmed up yet. I could get used to it, hopefully it will last.

Work will be busy in June, but I’m on it. I went in on the bank holiday to get caught up and set up for the next few weeks. I’m looking forward to it.

And if you missed it, I wrote this in Sunday – You are so special 

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