Challenges this week…

So, work has got really busy recently, I’ve taken on a big new project (the BBC Scotland Apprenticeship scheme, which just closed for applications last week), and I’m doing my own job.

All in I had 3 working days this week (as I’m off Monday / Friday for 2 extended weekends). So it’s safe to say, that’s been a bit of a challenge, but I managed to shortlist 200 applicants, and send out and gather shortlisting for another 200. 🙂 Which was cool.

Next week I’ll liaise with recruitment to let the shortlisted / not shortlisted candidates know. The journey begins. 🙂

Anyway, with my busy week, my other challenges have been:

Sleep – for the last 3 nights, I’ve woken up at around 2:30am. So I’ve been struggling a bit, and just getting around 4-5 hrs a night. Booooo. (This happens sometimes – see Ping 2:36am). I have ‘coping strategies’ and ways to get to sleep, but they’ve not really been working this week. Arg.

Exercise as planned – I’ve managed to get in two runs this week, and I’ll do 3-4 I think. But I’ve not done any strength training – (as a result of not sleeping).

The exercise part isn’t that bad, as I know that sometimes work takes over, and sleep is more important than exercise, but it’s annoying.

I do have the Skye half marathon hanging over me, but I’ll be good for that, so no worries there, I just need to get around 3 runs a week in, including a long run each week. Easy peasy.

The main reason I can’t sleep / or wake up involuntarily is because something is bugging me, or I’m really busy with work or life.

Something, usually work is going around and around in my head, and I find it hard to turn the thoughts off. The thoughts sometimes involuntarily (and annoyingly) wake me up, then I lie there with my mind flitting from one thing to the other.

I used to get upset and annoyed lying there, unable to sleep, but now I just try to relax and use what I know, to get back to sleep. 🙂 (or I sometimes get up and do something like this to take my mind off it, then go back to bed).

One thing that usually works well to help me get back to sleep, is listening to an audiobook, low in one ear on my iPod.

Recently I’ve taken to listening to this audiobook:

Lucid Living: A book you can read in an hour that will turn your world inside out. By Timothy Freke

See the details below (and the time on my phone! Eeeeeek!).

‘It is an experiential journey through seven extraordinary ideas that will completely transform your understanding of who you are and open up a wonderful new experience of being alive’.

It’s different, and the way he’s worded it, it really makes you want to concentrate and take it in. Before you know it, your thoughts have been taken over by his theory / story and you nod off to sleep.

Another good audiobook I like to listen to to get to sleep is Night School: the hidden science of sleep and dreams. By Richard Wiseman.

It goes into detail about why it’s so important to get sleep, looks at different research studies and offers strategies to help you become a ‘Super sleeper’ or improve your sleep.

Failing that – Winnie the Pooh is quite a good one too. 😉

When I’m lying there, I really try to concentrate on what’s being read out to me, and it usually works. Taking my mind off my own thoughts and getting me to take in what the reader is saying.

Taking me off into a dream, (maybe implanting some of the theory from the books in my brain) and hopefully helping me get off to the land of nod…

Which is where I’m going to now. I’m off work on Friday, so I’ll get a lie in and take it from there.

It’s about time this sleep levelled out a bit!

I have at least a 10 miler to do this weekend in prep for the Skye half marathon. And apart from that I’ll be chilling / eating out / going out and about with Fit Girl (maybe a trip to the gym, or another wee run).

I leave you with this – if never hang from a cliff like that, but this year might be a year for some growing I think.

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