Wk18 into Wk19

It’s been a quick three weeks since I ran the London Marathon. The first week I had a full week of rest with only walking as my exercise of choice.

I felt great the Monday after the marathon (endorphins and caffeine probably still coursing through my body) then on the Tuesday my feet and legs felt a bit sore. But by the Thursday I felt pretty much recovered and up for a run again.

The the following Monday I did squat strength. I’m keen to get a mixture of running and strength in, but I always find it hard to get both to compliment each other and I usually forgo strength training (which makes me sore) in favour of running.

I did try lightish weights that first Monday, but they were still too heavy (24kg reverse lunges in particular). That week (wc 2 May) I did the following (and although was recovered from the marathon fine, the strength broke me for a few days).

Mon: Squat Strength
Tue: Rest (5 mile walk / Ed day)
Wed: Rest
Thu: Rest
Fri: 6.4M run
Sat: 4.6M run & 3M walk wi Leo the dog
Sun: Rest

I had a good massage on the Friday night too, at Fitness Therapy Glasgow, with Clare (who is also a PT and suggested I reduce the weight on my initial strength sessions – I knew that, but sometimes it takes other people to make you realise).

Last week, I started the week afresh and did a deadlift & KB strength session. And I felt a lot better after it. Work has been busy recently, and I don’t feel like I’m getting as much sleep as I’d like, and wed / thu last week I just couldn’t drag my a$$ out of bed in the morning to get a run in.

I know why it is, I don’t think I’m getting enough sleep / early enough nights – even when I’m in bed for 10 – half 10. So I wake up groggy and not wanting to get up. Easy answer is – go to bed earlier, but that also means leaving work on time! (As everything follows that). It also means being productive at work, so I leave on time.

Here’s wha I did last week:

Mon: Deadlift & KB Strength & 6.5M run
Tue: 5.35M run wi Twinnie
Wed: Rest
Thu: Rest
Fri: 4.4M run to Maxwell Park
Sat: 6.4M run wi FG
Sun: Rest / 2M walk / FG’s birthday

I still managed to run 4 times / around 22-23 miles. I just need to get more strength sessions in, some good early nights and continue with the running.

I’ve had no shortage of ‘fun’ and good times in the last few weeks:

As well as activities like running, some gardening and I’ve spent time with family and Fit Girl. I even attempted some kite flying (but failed / not enough wind). A few walks in the park, some climbing of trees. Oh and the sunbathing in my garden has been nice too (and planting the plants in it). 🙂

I’ve treated myself well when I’ve been off, good meals out, ice cream. Henry the cat has visited often, saying hello and wanting some company. I listened to and enjoyed Susan Calman’s audiobook last week too. It was very honest and had some good laugh out loud moments.

And today I gave blood for the 27th time. I’ll need to be careful to hydrate and look after myself in the next wee while to make sure I don’t get any ill effects from it.

Now this coming week, I’m on leave Monday and Friday, for extended weekends. It means I’ll need to cram all of the tasks I need to do, into my three day week. Eeeek. To do lists and a ‘most important task’ list will come in handy at work in the next few days.

I have the Skye Half marathon on the 10th June, so that’s my next event. I really do need to start increasing the miles again. So here’s the plan for this next week:

Mon: 7.5M run with FG
Tue: HIIT / KB Strength (and massage at lunchtime)
Wed: 5-7M run
Thu: Squat / KB strength
Fri: 10M run
Sat: Deadlift Strength
Sun: Rest

Long runs will be:

Wc 16 May – 10M progressive
Wc 23 May – 14M
Wc 30 May – 11M easy
Wc 6 June – 13.1M half marathon

That’s about it. I’ll see if I can get 2-3 strength sessions in this week, and 3 runs. And see if I can get a more steady sleep pattern / earlier to bed etc. 9pm?! We’ll see.

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