I did it – I ran the London Marathon!

Thanks to all of you who sponsored me to run the London Marathon on Sunday – I did it and I had great fun doing it!

You helped me to raise over £1,250 so far – (a whopping £47.90 for each mile) – which my friend Siobhan and I / Crohn’s and Colitis UK are so grateful for.

If you haven’t donated yet, you can visit my JustGiving page here – www.justgiving.com/Lornrunsthelondonmarathon or hand me the money in person. 😀

The weather conditions were perfect, and the crowds were just amazing, totally relentless and so loud the WHOLE way around and so motivational.

Here’s me crossing the line finally – very happy. 

And here’s me at around mile 25 (when I started to feel a bit hard – but my cape was on so it was ok):

Here are some stats from my run:

– I ran 26.2 miles in 3:35:34 (Garmin time)

– My official time was 3:37:22 (chip time)

– I finished in the top 20% overall (7981st / 31064)

– I was the 1,422nd female to cross the line (top 9% of women / out of 15,089)

– I beat 73% of men ( that’s 17,488 men 😉 )
– I was the first person called Lorn to cross the line. 😉 (ha ha).

– My average heart rate was 85% of max (158) and my max HR was 95% of max (173).

– My avg pace was 8:14 min miles, the fastest miles were 3&4 (downhill 7:52s) the slowest miles were 16 (8:36) & 24 (uphill 8:29).

– On Sunday, I burned over 2,000 calories, and did almost 50,000 steps.

(You can see some clever graphs and charts / Stats here )

Thanks again for all of your kind donations, it really did make the day even more special and me extra specially proud.

If you want to read more about my run and how it went, you can read more about it here from a post I did the morning after the race:


I was feeling good the day after, not much pain – (but I was probably still full of endorphins and caffeine from the race.) – today (Monday) is another story. 😉

I am sore on my – feet arches, calves, quads, hamstrings, lower back and shoulders – but I’m ok. I am quite tired, and hungry (despite having eaten a lot) and my vision is blurry – but it’s all been well worth it. 🙂

If you see me today / this week, walking funny, you have permission to laugh at me if you want. 😉 (And I’ll have my big shiny medal with me of you want to see it.)

Thanks again for helping me to raise so much money for Crohn’s and Colitis UK / on behalf of my friend Siobhan (just in time for Siobhan’s birthday today – Tuesday 26th). 😀

All London Marathon Results / Photos / Stats charts here. My Garmin link

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