It all went to plan :-)

I woke up at 4am, legs hot and throbbing, the pain (DOMS) be to be kicking in. When I woke up it seemed even my eye lids were sore.

I’m hot, thirsty and hungry, the true after effects of running a marathon / long distance fast. But it was well worth it. 🙂 I can’t sleep so I thought I’d write this.

I took the opportunity to look at some of my Garmin stats and the London marathon results page. Anyone that knows me knows that I run to my heart rate. And pace and times becomes a result of my effort and the conditions (hills and weather usually).

(You can read more detailed stats, photos and links here: )

I maybe placed in the top 20% overall and the top 9% of female runners. I certainly noticed in the last part that there were a lot more men than women around.

I said I’d go out with my HR about 150 for the first 10 miles, then 150-160 up to 20 miles, then I’d try to push it to 165+ if I had anything left for the last 6.2 miles. My other aim was to enjoy myself and have fun – and that I did, for sure.

The weather was ideal, not not cold, not too hot, and cloudy for the most part with a few glimmers of sunshine. I noticed the course was down hill from 3-4 miles then, and another good little downhill about 21 miles in. But mostly flat or gradual inclined / declines the rest of the way.

I tend to use downhills to make up time in events (Skye HM was great for this), and on this course – as there weren’t many, I only let go on the one down hill I really noticed at 21. 

And I was immediately punished for a bit with sore toes / feet from flying down the hill. The pain faded though and I kept going strongly. My feet are fine now though, no blisters either. 

The crowds on the route were incessant and so very loud at points. It was really inspiring and probably helped me feel great along the way, right up to about mile 24 when it started to hurt a bit.

Apparently there was a slight uphill at Tower Bridge, not that I noticed as the crowds and the sights were continuing to lift me along. 🙂

I spoke to Sylvia before the start and quite a few runners on the route, Dave, Clive and Nick. And I chipped along swapping places with an older club runner in an orange vest John for quite a few miles. I also told a few people they looked like they were running strong (and they did look strong, but maybe didn’t feel it – maybe my comment helped boost them a bit?).

The last 5 miles or so I was kept going by this runner, Siobhan. She clipped my shoe around 19 or 20 miles and apologised profusely. She was running strongly and comfortably and for the next 4-5 miles we caught up with each other and kept each other going.

I was so chuffed when she told me her name, I nearly cried. I’m raising money for my friend who is also called Siobhan / Crohn’s and Colitis, so the fact they had the same name seemed like a sign, and felt very poignant. 🙂

I could imagine my friend Siobhan right there with me willing me on and pushing and (Siobhan the runner was most definitely) pulling me along at times. It was great.

I had to let her go on at about 25.7 miles and I saw her almost frantically looking where I was. She was running so strong, and I felt I just couldn’t hang on to run to the finish with her. I got her at the end and gave her a hug though.

I found her online and sponsored her for company and motivation to push on, and she’s sponsored me too, which is great.

I’ve raised almost £1,200, and I’m so grateful for everyone who’s donated. You can see my fundraising progress here thank you all X (for anyone who’d like to donate, the page is still open, any £s would be appreciated) 

The hydration and fuelling was good too, it seemed my caffeine fast and caffeine fuel song the way worked for me – I had a coffee first thing (my first for 2 weeks after my caffeine fast). Then a 65mg gel before I started, 125mg at 5 miles in, then 65mg ones at mile 10,14 and 19.

I don’t think I had another one after that – but maybe I did – it all went a bit hazy. :-S Probably around 400mg rushing through my veins (6-7mg per body weight kg) – and probably another reason I’m awake now. 😉

My aim to keep my HR at 150 for the first 10 miles, ended up as me having my HR really steady between 155-159 (83-86% of max? between mile 2-20. And my pace was dictated by the route elevation. It felt easy up to about 18 or 20 miles in. I felt like I was getting it all just right.

Like I was running really well and I was really enjoying myself. I had my name called loads of times which was a good pick me up.

I continued to feel good after 20 miles, so let my HR go up a bit and ran with it between 160-167 (up to 90% of max) for miles 21-25. Then pushed it up to 171-173 (up to 93% of max) at the end. I really felt like I had nothing more to give.

(For more about heart rate training / heart rate running – go here). 

I’m really pleased with that run. My third fasted marathon (out of 9), with potential to become a Boston Qualifier (not that that was ever a goal for me). 

Now I need to come down and recover. I’m thinking 1-2 weeks of training and plenty of sleep and eating. 😀  Hopefully I’ll be able to walk ok tomorrow and the 4:30 train journey won’t make my legs cease up too much! 

I’ll be wearing my finishers tshirt my this bling for a few days I think.

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2 Responses to It all went to plan :-)

  1. Jacqueline Cowan says:

    Well done Lorn. You’ve got your head back in the right place. And the cape and the legs have behaved accordingly. Rest well and looking forward to your updates.💪👏🏻👏🏻
    Think I need a trainer like you.

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