All done and elephant dropped!

That was totally amazing, magic, super, great. 🙂 Ideal weather conditions and the crowds were amazing. It was really something special.

My cape seemed to work as my official time was 3:37, my Garmin time 3:35:34 (I covered 26.2 miles in that time). 

My third fastest marathon, and it looks like I maybe came in in the top 8% of females.  😀

I felt good and really strong for the most part of it, it seemed like my cape (and the caffeine gels) seemed to work wonders! 
It only started to get hard around mile 24 or so, and I felt I had nothing left on the home straight, or that if given it my all. 

I’m changed and warm now and I’ve just dropped my elephant, in St James Park, just off horse guards parade.

Here’s his view:

There you go Granny. All done. Time to recover.

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1 Response to All done and elephant dropped!

  1. suzymmc says:

    All your training paid off. Congratulations Xx

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