This is what my taper looks like

I’ve not really thought much about my ‘taper’ period, I’ve taken rest when I needed it (and maybe a bit more).

My weekly mileage in my training averaged around 30 miles per week, with just 4 runs a week on average. Which goes to show you don’t need to run every day to successfully train for a marathon. (Although running more and more often has been proven to increase times – lucky I’m not all that bothered about them then).

In the last few weeks I’ve run longer than I usually would have (20.5 miles fast and 16 miles) but I had a slow start to my training (flu in Feb), so here’s what my taper has been:

The main change in the last two weeks has been no caffeine (or coffee to be precise, chocolate / Mars bars have still been a usual).

The idea is that if your body is used to caffeine (1-2 cups a day for me), then you deprive it for 1-2 weeks, then when you take it on race day your body uses it better (and goes crazy for it!).

I’ve done it a few times before, and I think it works. Although you might remember, the last time I tried a caffeine fast ahead of an event, my blood pressure went even lower and I fainted and bumped my head. Oops.

I’ve been checking my blood pressure recently and it has dropped, to around 100/60 but I feel ok and not dizzy at all. So all good. 🙂 1 more day and I can have a coffee!! Yahhoo

I use caffeine energy gels on the run, so I’m looking forward to getting some of the drug rushing through my veins again. Lol. 😉 hopefully it’ll make me feel super amazing magic.

(Want to know more? – Google ‘caffeine and pain receptors’ or Matt Fitzgerald’s book about half and marathon training and nutrition).

Sleep hasn’t been too good in the last week. Nerves maybe, or being busy at work. I’ll try and get a good sleep tonight and maybe on the train down.

Then there’s my weight…

When I did my marathon pb in September 2013, I was 10lbs lighter than I am now. :-S

I am feeling it a little bit, but nothing disastrous. Im still comfortable and happy and feeling strong (even though I’ve dropped strength training in the last wee while to focus on running).

For my fastest marathon times, here’s what my weight, body composition and heart rates were:

21 Sep 2013 – 3:28
Avg HR 164 Max HR 187
123.6lbs / 13.3%
16.4lbs body fat / 107.2lbs lbm

5 May 2014 – 3:32
Avg HR 161 Max HR 184
127.8lbs / 12.2%
15.6lbs body fat / 112.2lbs lbm

Remembering what I said to myself 22 miles into my marathon pb – ‘I’m never pushing myself like this again’ and with the fact that my main goal is to enjoy myself at London, a pb target is not happening.

But below is my weight and maybe my expected HR and expected time for London. (Based on my training etc).

On Sunday I’ll aim to keep my HR between 150-155 for most of the way, but if I get carried away having fun, I’ll let that happen. 🙂 I’m excited to see what my time will turn out as, given my added weight and my effort on the day.

24 April 2016 – 3:40-3:50??
Avg HR 155 Max HR 165??
133.3lbs / 14.7%
19.6lbs body fat / 113.7lbs lbm

I’m on the train now and I might even arrive in London early. 🙂 Cape is most definitely ON.

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