1 day to go….

It was an early start this morning, to get the train to Edinburgh first, then down to Kings Cross. This photo was taken about half six I think. I keep saying to people, the run will be fine, it’s the journey down I’m worried about.

The trains I’d booked were going to get me in at around 2pm, but I ended up managing to get an earlier train from Glasgow and an earlier one from Waverley, and ended up in London for 1pm. 🙂

I was a bit anxious this morning – not about the run, but about getting everywhere I needed to get to. I needn’t have been. It all went fine. Lucky for me my neighbour suggested I download the ‘City Mapper’ app and it was a great help.

I got on the 830 train at Waverley, and tried to find the conductor, but couldn’t find him. So I found an empty forward facing seat at a table and tried my luck.

When he came up asking for tickets, I said I was going to London to do the VIRGIN London marathon and I was meant to be on the next train, but would he let me go in this one. He shrugged his shoulders and said ok. Lucky me.

Before I went to my hotel, I had to go to the other side of London to register and pick up my number. I’ve not really been in London since I can remember so I thought it was gong to be a bit hard. But all I really needed to do was follow the fit looking people with trainers on (or London marathon gear on).

A couple of trains later and I was at the expo at the excel in the east of the city. I went in and registered and picked up my number. Strangely the queue for my number was non existant. 🙂 Easy peasy. Lucky me again.

The whole process was pretty seamless, although the expo was busy, it was easy to get around.

I bought myself a couple of branded adidas tops and got my photo taken with my number.

And I treated myself to these, Aftershokz Bluetooth trekz titanium bone conduction headphones. They work by sitting just in front of your ears and use vibration to get the music into your inner ear, so you can hear things around you via your outer ear (ie cars etc when running).

I’ll not use them tomorrow, but I’m hoping they’ll be really good (and safe for running). They’ll link to my iPod nano by Bluetooth so no need for a wire.

After a wander around the expo I started my journey back into central London and figured out how to get to me hotel – Jubilee line, then district line to Chelsea.

As the day went on, I was well impressed to see my fundraising total increase to £1,150. I really didn’t think I’d raise that much, so thank you all very much. You can see the total here: http://www.justgiving.com/Lornrunsthelondonmarathon

I’m staying at the millennium and copthorne and Chelsea football club after Mandy recommended it to me as a good place, near the end of the race.

When I got to the hotel I made a few phone calls home, then unpacked and got my gear ready. There seems to be quite a lot here!
Oh and I did forget somethings – my toothbrush, and chocolate milk for afters! (It’s ok there was a supermarket near my hotel).

I booked a table at a Nearby place, the butchers hook, which was good. 630 for a dinner of a rare Ribeye Steak, with chips, salad and bone marrow. The server asked me if I was ok with bone marrow as some people don’t like it, but I’m not too fussy and like to try new things.

He followed on to say, ‘it’s meant to be really good for you’. On go on then. And it was fine. The steak was good, as were the chips, but I couldn’t finish them all! And I couldn’t fit in a pudding.

I got back to the hotel and got all of my gear ready for tomorrow. I got my number on my top, with some new magnet clips I bought, and wait for it…. I tried my ACTUAL YELLOW CAPE on to see if it would work with my water pack. No pictures of it yet, but safe to say you might be in for a surprise tomorrow if you see me. 😉

And I got this wee guy and put him in my water pack … I bought him in Portugal, and he’s going to go the 26.2 miles with me, before I drop him after I’ve finished, in memory of my Granny.

My granny (and granddad and their children) lived in London from maybe the late 30s to the mid 60s – they lived in this house – 19 Myddelton Park. She’s been to a garden party with the Queen (my grandad was a Dr in London back then) and I can just imagine her being here.

That’s about it from me. A long day, but a good day. I’m going to try to get my head down and get an early night if I can. Hopefully I’ll get to sleep ok. Then I’m planning to leave here about 730-8, maybe up for 630.

I’ve got porridge and a banana, and I’m really looking forward to a COFFEE tomorrow morning (my first in TWO WEEKS because of my caffeine fast).

Over and out. Night night. 😀

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