Last long run 16 miles

Today’s long run was my last before the big day next Sunday. I wasn’t sure how far I’d go.

But I planned to do the first bit with Fit Girl, letting her choose the route, then I drank some water and went out on my own. I planned to do between 12-16 miles, but fancied about 14.

I ended up doing 8 miles with Fit Girl, around the Southside, in Pollok Park and past a load of noisy football buses going to the game. The weather was ok, a little cold and cloudy. But fine when I was out with Fit Girl.

After 8 miles we were back at the house, where I gulped down some water, put my music on (in one ear) and started running again. At the start, the thought of going long wasn’t the most attractive, but by the time I was 8 miles in I felt fine.

My heart rate was around 150 or less for the first 8 miles, then I picked it up a bit in the second half, but nothing too challenging. I went west end in the second half, up to Kelvingrove park and back down.

It started chucking it down about 10 miles in, and around 13-14 miles in in sure I heard someone saying my name (Greg??) along great western road, but maybe not. Hopefully the rain will stay off next Sunday. And it’ll be a wee bit warmer (but not too warm).

Today I managed to do an unplanned route of 16 miles and ran the last mile faster … (wind behind me, and a bit of extra effort). The last 3 were probably downhill or wind behind me, in fact. 😉

No fuel throughout and not much water, hopefully that’ll help my body lap it up when I give it (caffeinated energy and water) to it during the marathon.

My legs were a little tight, in particular my right calf, so I’m going to rest as much as I can next week. Maybe 1-2 very easy runs before the big day, but Monday and Tuesday as full rest days, for sure.

Here’s me at the end … in my race gear. 😉 the only thing that’ll be added in my water pack, race number and hopefully my name on a laminated bit of paper. All good.

If you want to track my run at the London marathon you can do it on their app if you download it: my number is 26069. 🏃🏼👍🏻

If you’re running the London marathon, or you’re interested in the elevation of the course, look out for my next post later on. 🙂

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