Wk14 into Wk15

Last week I got 3 runs, a spin session and 3 rest days in. No strength (I didn’t manage to find time for it), but I’ll try for that again this week.

Work is getting back in the way, which is fine. I’ll have still run 34 miles this week and a bit more cardio with the spin and walking.

An avg of 11k steps a day, and today I’ll get around 40k I’d think, so that come up to about an avg of 15k – (and steps aren’t counted on a spin bike).

Mon: Spin 30 mins
Tue: Rest (5M walk)
Wed: Rest
Thu: 6.5M easy run
Fri: Rest
Sat: 7.5M easy run
Sun: 20M long progressive

I had a really long Tuesday, up and out to Edinburgh for 8am and back in the door at 930pm. Trains, travel and I stayed late to get stuff finished after my holidays.

But I still managed to get back and then get on with some life admin – finalising my aunt’s headstone stuff. I sent my family everything I have (order of service, life story, links and some photos), so they’ll always have them too.

I was treated with 3 rainbows a days for the next 3 days. Job done. 🙂 maybe I’ll see another one today if I’m lucky.

I’ve still to do my 20 miler today, but it should be fine. The weather looks good, at least. I’m running from Port Glasgow to Glasgow along the 75 cycle track.

Next week is rest on Monday, then a mixture of strength, spin and running. I’m hopefully going to be running with Paul on Sunday (a Bella harrier who is doing London too).

Mon: Rest
Tue: Spin & KB Strength
Wed: am intervals pm 9.5M coaching
Thu: Spin & Squat strength (light)
Fri: 6M tempo run 2:3:1 (or easy)
Sat: Rest
Sun: 26.2KM simulator run

I might need to swap the coaching to another day but I’ll take it as it comes.

Not long to go now (2 weeeeeks!). If you’d like to sponsor me a few quid, here’s the link: http://www.justgiving.com/lornrunsthelondonmarathon

I’m off to run for a few hours. 🙂

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